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Yes section 4 of the public order act. It could also be classed as actual bodily harm depending on the fear of the victim.

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Q: Is threatening to punch someone a crime?
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Is a threat to kill someone a crime in PA?

Yes, threatening to kill someone is a felony, I advise that you do not do this!

In California is threatening to kill someone a crime and punishable by incarceration?

Threatening to kill someone, depending on the surrounding circumstances in which the threat is made, can be a crime in any state. It can be either a misdemeanor (maximum one year in jail) or a felony, depending on the circumstances.

If someone has pictures and a video of you and is threatening to sell and or distribute them what right do you have in order to prevent these actions from taking place?

punch them in the face

Can an adult legally punch a teenager?

No, That would be a crime both the crime of common assault and the crime of child abuse.

How can someone get arrested with a BB gun?

By stealing one, by committing acts of vandalism with it, by publicly brandishing one in a threatening manner, by using one in a crime somehow..

How do you knock someone older than you out in 1 punch?

You knock someone out in one punch if you punch them with your knuckles in the side of the chin hard.

What is a soccer punch?

A sucker punch is when you punch someone who is unprepared and unaware that it's coming.

Where do you punch someone when you punch them square in the face?

Square in the face :[

Why is extortion a crime?

Because it is an action that is threatening and goes against the law !

Can a cop shoot you for passing on a crime scene?

Not with a firearm, unless you you were threatening him or someone else with a deadly weapon. Can he shoot you with a TASER??? More specifics would have to be known about the incident to answer THAT question.

What can you do if someone is threatening?

Tell someone that will help you, And they will be punished

How do you punch in crime life 2?

type in goldenhands upper case