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Soccer is not only for boys. They have all-boy teams, co-ed teams, and all-girl teams. You can easily find non-co-ed teams, so that proves soccer isn't just a boy's sport. I personally don't like soccer,But I know much more about it than the average soccer player.

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Q: Is this soccer only for boys?
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These children are playing soccer. boys play soccer. these children are boys.?

they may be girls and boys

Is soccer for girls or boys?

Soccer is made for girls and also boys but believe it or not more girls play then boys

Who is better at soccer boys or girls?

Boys all the way

How come soccer is a popular sport?

Because most girls don't like soccer as much as boys and nearly all boys like soccer. And that's why soccer is a popular sport.

Is it correct to spell Boy's Soccer Team or Boys Soccer Team?

Boys soccer team. I think. No, it should be boys' soccer team. Just like you would put "children's soccer team", you need to create the plural, and then add "apostrophe s". In this case, leave off the "s" because "boys" ends in an "s".

Why Does Greece like to play soccer?

boys are more popular with soccer unlike boys from Australia and girls like volleyball

Do more girls from ages 8-12 play soccer than boys?

girls play soccer more than boys do

What is the best soccer goalkeeper for boys?


Why did you start the world cup?

The world cup is related to soccer therefore many men and boys would like to watch it. It might be the only soccer show last time so men could only watch it

What are the most popular sports for boys?

The worlds most popular sport for boys is soccer

Where online can someone purchase soccer pants for boys and girls?

There are many places online where one can purchase soccer pants for boys and girls. Some websites include Adidas, Soccer Pro, Soccer Loco, Nike Amazon and eBay.

What is the back street boys favorite sport?

is it soccer

What sport do most boys play?

Soccer and basketball

What are two surprises about soccer?

youth soccer more girls play than boys and it is in the top 10 of the sport with the most concussion's. lastly boys and girls are very physical, not just the boys i play soccer too and it is my favorite thing to do at any time!!

How many girls can be on a boys soccer team?

Any girl, girls special soccer teams exist.

Is boys' soccer team the correct way to write this term?

Yes, that is acceptable. Some leagues, competitions, or cultures prefer "junior soccer team" or even "junior men's soccer team", but the original "boys' soccer team" is technically correct and is in widespread use.

Which is the favorite sport of high school boys and girls?


Do girls like boys that play soccer?

Some girls will

Where do you find the link for the full video of soccer boys?


What sports do most African boys play?

Most African boys/men play a lot of soccer

Do boys or girls play soccer better?

I would personally say boys play better football.

Where can one find information about soccer camps for boys?

There are a variety of soccer camps for boys worldwide. Nike hosts soccer camps with several different options, ranging from day, night or week long camps, to international camps.

Do boys like girls who plays soccer?

Playing soccer makes you healthy, and a healthy girl is a beautiful girl.

When is soccer seasen?

Girr is in the fall, usually from September to November. Boys soccer is in the spring, usually from march to June.

Why are boys so into soccer?

Because it is a physical and mental challenge! Boys will be boys and playing any competitive sport will always be a huge part of that.