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Definately a good trade because brady isn't putting up the numbers like last year and don't expect him to anytime soon! on the other hand you got turner that had 3 TD's last week and has proven to put up stats

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Q: Is this a good Fantasy Football trade Tom Brady for Michael turne?
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Can you cancel an accepted trade in ESPN fantasy football?

Unless you are the league manager, no

How much do we spend on fantasy football?

I saw a report from the FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association) that said the average person spent more than $400.

How many people play Fantasy Football in the UK?

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Where online can one join AOL Fantasy Football?

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When was Fantasy Sports Trade Association created?

Fantasy Sports Trade Association was created in 1999.

Is ESPN free?

ESPN Fantasy does have free membership. It is a site where you can create, play, and trade out players in a fantasy sort of world. It is a fantasy world where people get to continue their football dreams even if their favorite football team isn't currently playing in a game.

This is for your fantasy football team You were offered Tom Brady for Brett Favre and randy moss is this a good deal your other 2 receivers are Santana moss and Hines Ward and derrik mason?

I'd say its good because Randy Moss is doing really well right now and Brett is also playing well. You could then trade one of your receivers for something you need.

How to undo trade in yahoo fantasy basketball Also how to ban people after draft?

Undoing a trade on Yahoo fantasy basketball is easy. All you have to do is wait three days and it will automatically cancel the trade.

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How do you approve a fantasy football trade if it gets objected?

i would give them another good player in so they will give you a bad one and get another good player from the now unfilled position and put in it

How do you drop players on Yahoo fantasy football?

go up to where it says add, trade, and drop on the bar above and click drop then click the empty box next to the plater you want to drop

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