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Yes, the 2008 NCAA Men's Basketball tournament is the first one where all four #1 seeds made the Final Four.

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Q: Is this - 2008 - the only time that four No. 1 seed teams have played in the NCAA men's basketball?
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What two college basketball teams played in the 2008 NCAA Men's Championship game?


How many teams played in the 1939 basketball tournament?

A total of 8 teams played in the 1939 NCAA basketball tournament. Oregon won the NCAA national championship that year.

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How many teams played in the 2000 NCAA tournament?

In 2000 there were 64 teams that played in the Division I basketball tournament.

What number of basketball teams played the NCAA tournament in 1939?

8 teams have played the first year of the tourny

How many NCAA division 1A basketball teams are there in US?

There are currently 347 teams in NCAA Division 1 Basketball.

What two NCAA basketball teams played the final four in their hometown?

Bulls and warriors

When did the NCAA men's basketball tournament go to 64 teams?

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament went to 64 teams in 1985.

How many teams played in the first ncaa tournament?

The original NCAA Division 1 College Basketball Tournament 1939 field consisted of 8 teams.

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How many teams played in the original NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament?

From 1939-1950 eight teams played, in 1952 it was doubled to sixteen

Which Division 1 NCAA basketball team has a live mascot?

NCAA Division 1 Basketball teams

Which teams played for the NCAA basketball championship in 2011?

The University of Connecticut defeated Butler University in the 2011 NCAA Men's Championship.

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NCAA basketball is not played in stadiums.

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There were 53 teams in the 1984 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship (5 play-in games before the tournament).

How many college basketball teams are eligible for the ncaa tournament?

64 teams

Why do the NCAA men's basketball polls come out?

to rank the teams.

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