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Q: Is there sudden death in Super Bowl overtime?
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Has the Super Bowl ever gone into overtime?

Through Super Bowl XLII, no Super Bowl game has gone into overtime.

How many Super Bowl games have went into overtime?

There has never been a Super Bowl that went into overtime.

Is rules for possession after halftime different in regular NFL game different than for Super bowl?

No, the rules of possession are the same for the Super Bowl as they are for the regular season.However, playoff games (including the Super Bowl) cannot end in a tie. Regular season games can after one fifteen-minute sudden-death overtime period.

What Super Bowls have gone into overtime?

There has never been a Super Bowl that went into overtime.

Has any super bowl games went into overtime?

zero super bowls have gone into overtime

Did Super Bowl VII go into overtime?

No, the Dolphins defeated the Redskins, 14-7, in regulation time. Through Super Bowl XLIV, no Super Bowl game has gone in overtime.

Does the Super Bowl have a overtime?

If a Super Bowl game were to be tied after four quarters of play, then yes, they would play continuous overtime periods until one time scores. However, to date, no Super Bowl has ever gone to overtime.

When was the last Super Bowl to go to overtime?


Was the super bowl ever been won in over time?

No super bowl has ever went to overtime.

Was there ever a super bowl tie?

yes there ware and get overtime

How many Super Bowl wins does Tom Brady have?

Tom Brady now has 5 super bowl rings after a34-28 win in Overtime in super bowl LI

Has any team played Overtime in the superbowl?

Prior to Super Bowl LI, no Super Bowl game went into over time.

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