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Yes there is. Only a couple are left in the entire world. They have been discontinued for more then 8 years. Worth a lot

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Q: Is there such thing as the demarini cf2?
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Structural formula for Teflon?


What is PCTFE?

PCTFE is poly chlorotrifluoroehtylene or (CClF-CF2)n. It is a polymer, with properties similar to that of PTFE or poly tetrafluoroethylene or teflon or (CF2-CF2)n.

What doese ptfe plumbers tape stand for?

PTFE is the short form for a rather complicated name for the plastic that the tape is made from. The full name is Polytetrafluoroethene, or Poly-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethene (sometimes the 'ethene' part is called 'ethylene' - but this is the old name for the compound). Polytetrafluoroethene 's molecule is very similar to polythene except that all the hydrogen atoms in the molecule are replaced with fluorine. The chemical formula is .... -CF2-CF2-CF2-CF2-CF2-CF2--CF2-CF2-CF2-CF2-CF2-CF2-.... where the '2's are small and subscript. Polytetrafluoroethene, when coloured black with pigments, is also the constituent of non-stick surfaces on frying pans because it is very slippery and, once bonded onto the pan, willnot let things stick to it. 2 pieces of Polytetrafluoroethene rubbed on each other has the equivalent 'slipperiness' of ice on ice.

Demarini cf3 or demarini voodoo?


When was DeMarini created?

DeMarini was created in 1989.

What bond type is CF2?

CF2 is a covalent bond since it occurs between two nonmetals.

What is the name of this compound CF2?

There is no compound CF2. instead carbon can form covalent compound as CF4. i guess.

How is polytetrafluoroethylene prepared?

It is formed when chloroform is treated with the hydrofluoric acid and antimony trifluoride.Reactions:SbF3 800oCCHCl3 ---→ CHF2Cl ----→ CF2 = CF2HF -HCl ( -76oC)when polymerused tetrafluoroethylene forms a material which plasic like on appearance and is called Teflon.nCF2 = CF2 ----→ (- CF2 - CF2 -) n(Tetrafluoroethylene) (Teflon)

What is the best DeMarini bat on the market?

i would probably say the demarini black cf4

How much is a demarini bat?

The price of a Demarini bat varies by the type and barrel size. The average Demarini bat probalbly costs around $200-250.

What is the molecular geometry of CF2?

i believe it would be bent

Is cf2 polar or non-polar?

Non polar

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