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Nope. As long as you are not breaking any other rules, it is not a violation to hold the ball with one hand.

They will call it palming if youre cupping it while crossing over or lose control and dribble the ball to high in the air while running down the court.In the NBA the more famous you are the more it is look at as great ball handling and seldom called for Kobe,Dwayne,James,etc. Jordon was awesome but his moves were almost unstoppable with the delayed palming, watch you go one way and he was gone.

Kids starting out today really suffer from small hands, ego outbursts all thanks to those NBA role models.

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yes palming does still exist in the nba. superstar players just get away with more than their lesser nba peers.

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Q: Is there such a thing as palming in basketball any more?
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