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Q: Is there such a thing as illegal formation on defense in college football?
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When an illegal formation penalty is called in high school football should the play be stopped?

No. An illegal formation penalty does not stop play. The play is only negated if the defense accepts the penalty after the play is over.

If an illegal formation is a offensive penalty how can it be called on defense?

It can't.

What are the penalty yards for illegal formation in football?

5 yards

Is illegal formation a deadball penalty?

No. The defense has a chance to make a big play.

Can you hold on defense in football?

No, its called illegal use of hands.

Is Sterodrol illegal in College Football?


How much does a college football player make when they win a game?

Nothing. It's illegal to pay college athletes anything.

Why is it illegal to buy a college football jersey if it has the name on the back of it?

they don't want you still there identity

What is the penalty in the NFL for an illegal formation?

Common football penalties include false start, offsides, holding, pass interference and delay of the game.

Do Ohio state football players get paid?

It's illegal to pay college football players but I don't know whether every team follows the rules or not.

What is illegal stemming on defense in college football?

It is in the NCAA rule book. It says that when the defensive players are in a stationary position (The line) and within one yard of the line of scrimmage they are not allowed to make abrupt movements or noises in an effort to draw the offensive line offsides. madmike

When the football is kicked off in college football what causes a penalty?

On a kick off, if the ball goes out of bounds it's an illegal procedure, and it's a penalty. Note: Does not apply to punts.