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Q: Is there strung or unstrung weight written on the tennis racquets?
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How has technology helped tennis?

In the old days tennis racquets were made of wood or metal. Technology has enhanced tennis racquets, and has made the game easier, and gives the athlete a larger chance to do more with the ball.

Where are prince tennis racquets made?

They're store-bought racquets with the excepts of Rokkaku in which the coach personally designs each player's racquet. For real-life Prince of Tennis racquets, they're occasionally stocked as official merchandise that can be found on the official Prince of Tennis website or in anime conventions.

Where can a tennis racquet be bought?

Tennis racquets are sold at almost all major sporting goods stores, including Dicks and Sports Authority. Major retailers like Walmart also carry tennis racquets.

What is the difference between adult and junior tennis raquets?

Adult racquets are usually longer and heavier than junior racquets

What is the History of tennis racquets?

What sport is a babolat used for?

Babolat is a French sports equipment manufacturer that produces strings and tennis racquets for tennis, badminton and squash. Famous sportsmen like Roddick, Nadal or Clijsters use their racquets.

Where can you buy tennis DVDs not online?

At the Tennis Express stores. They sell racquets, clothes, balls, tennis books, tennis DVDs, sunglasses, bags, and more.

Is there a limit to the number of tennis racquets players can bring to a match?

No you can bring as many as you want.

Are HEAD tennis rackets cheap?

When you use the term 'cheap', it's hard to tell if you mean bad quality or inexpensive. If you are concerned about the quality of a brand of racquet, I would talk to tennis pros about your concerns and have them help you find the best racquet for your needs. If it's a matter of price, then you can find several models of Head tennis racquets that would be considered by most tennis players to be at the lower end of the price scale for below $50 US. These include from most to least expensive as follows: the Head PCT Speed, Ti.Radical Elite, Tour Pro and Ti.Conquest. The price range for these is about $24-49 US. These racquets would be appropriate for recreational tennis players who just want to go to the court and play for fun and exercise and don't have any visions of dethroning Novak Djokvic as the world's top ranked player. They come pre-strung, so you don't have to worry about getting the racquet strung and what tension it needs to be at or what type of string to use. Great for beginners! You will find numerous models of Head tennis racquets in the $50-100 range, the next step up from the aforementioned entry level models. It would be impractical to list all of them here, but some models include the Ti S1, several Microgel models, the Liquidmetal 8 and Youtek Extreme Pro. The remainder of Head tennis racquets are beyond the cheap range. You need to do even more research with this class of racquets to find one that's right for you, because if you're wrong, it's too costly to get a replacement.

Can you keep more than 10 racquets in a Wilson tennis bag?

Yes, you can keep more than 10 racquets in a Wilson tennis bag. The company makes several bags that hold up to 12 and 15 racquets. As with any racquet bag, you will want to check to see if there's enough room for clothing, accessories and your racquets. It may be better to err on the side of getting too large a bag.

Do any games use racquets other than tennis and badmitton?

Yes, Raquet Ball

Which babolat tennis bag holds the most racquets?

One Babolat tennis bag that holds 12 racquets is the Aero Racquet Holder; another is the Team Racquet Holder; and finally the Club Line Racquet Holder. These are the largest bags Babolat makes.