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Q: Is there question and answer portion in basketball muse competition?
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What are the criteria in judging a muse in a basketball competition?

Poise ( walking & stand) well groom ( dress up smartly) facial appearance ( smiling face & charming) with and humor.

The Resistance - Muse?

whats the question?

Why does Muse suck?

Error. Error. Question does not compute.

What is the basketball muse?

Muses were patrons of the arts, not athletics. That said, Basketball has only been a sport for the last 122 years, so there wouldn't be a mythological patron for it anyway.

What is the TNT basketball commercial song?

IF it is the newest one, which has just music and no words. A guy playing an electric guitar. its Muse - Madness

How can you contact Muse?

Try the Muse myspace-

Nine goddess's of arts?

The Muses, who were: Calliope - the muse of epic poetry Clio - history muse Erato - love poetry Euterpe - muse of music Melpomene - muse of tragedy Polyhymnia - sacred poetry muse Terpsichore - muse of dance Thalia - muse of comedy Urania - astronomy muse

Who was the nine godesses?

They are the nine muses in Greek mythology: Erato muse of lyrics, Euterpe muse of music, Thalia muse of comedy, Melpomene muse of tragedy , Terpsichore muse of dance, Urania muse of astronomy, Clio muse of history , Polyhymnia muse of hymns, and Calliope muse of epics. There u go hope it wuz helpful!! :)

What is a sentence for muse?

He was an artist and she was his muse. She utilized their troubled relationship as a muse for her poetry.

Who does Homer call on to inspire him to tell the story of Odysseus?

In the opening, Homer only invokes the "goddess" or "muse", but not by name. Probably because any contemporary of Homer would have taken for granted that the goddess or Muse in question would have been Calliope, the Muse of Epic Poetry.

What is the purpose of muse clio?

She was the muse of History.

Can a person be a muse?

Yes, anything can be a Muse.

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