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no non non non nom mp

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Q: Is there pro softball in other countries If so how much do they make?
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How much does UCLA softball coach make?


Why does a foam softball seem much lighter than a normal softball?

why does a foam softball seeem much lighter than a normal softball

Can you use softball cleats for soccer?

No. Softball shoes with a cleat under the front toes cannot be used for soccer. However you can go the other way and use soccer cleats for softball. My daughter does fine without the toe cleat.

How much does Ukraine dentist make a year?

Not as much as one in Japan, USA, Canada or a lot of other countries however they make a lot more than dentists from Afghanistan, Sudan, Haiti and a lot of other countries. Your welcome for me waisting your time

How much does a pro softball player make a year?

Professional softball has a very modest salary cap. The annual salaries range from $7,500 to $15,000 per season.

Is there a difference in a baseball catcher's mitt and a softball catcher's mitt?

not much.. a softball mit has a bigger webbing bc of the ball size other than that its basiclly same

How much is it to play softball?

The cost depends on what kind of glove, bat and other required equipment you get

How much does a softball wight?

one softball wight like about 2kg

How much does a school teacher make?

they make about 14,000 a year in asbury park NJ 07712 but it might be different in other countries

Is jennie finch good at softball?

pretty much the best softball player and pitcher in the USA.

What are some softball drills?

some softball drills are running throwing fileding and much more

how much for used softball pitching machine?

for a softball pitching machine varies from $140 to$300