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Q: Is there face guarding if ball hits the defender and no attempt to play the ball?
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Why can a running back give a stiff arm to a defender and not have a penalty of hands to the face?

Because he doesn't put his hand on the face mask of the defender.

What is a hands to face in football?

An offensive lineman must block by contacting a defender within his bidy frame which below the neck to the waist. If the blocker contacts the defender with his hands above the neck that is hands to the face.

If you are guarding a shooter and you put your hand in the face of the shooter is this a personal or technical foul?

if they dont touch them its neither, but if they touch its a personal The above answer is incorrect. It is a technical foul at all levels through college to face guard an opponent (except in the NBA which allows eye guarding).

What should you do if a soccer ball is coming directly at your face?

There are three options when a soccer ball is coming directly at your face. You can use your head to try to play the ball to a teammate, you can duck or bob out of the way, or you can let it hit your face.

What is face garding in lacrosse?

"Face guarding" is a defensive strategy often used by upper-level lacrosse teams that scout their opposition. The general concept is to identify the opposing team's best player (i.e. their highest scorer, or playmaker) and then assign a player to guard them as heavily as possible, to ensure that he or she doesn't touch the ball to exacerbate and take advantage of the other teams reliance on that player

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An Ball Peen Hammer

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