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yes there is. a spear in hitting the opponent in the stomache leading with your shoulder. the gore leads with the head.

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Q: Is there difference in betwene spear and gore in wrestling?
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Is there diference in betwene spear and gore in wrestling?

yes there is a spear is a big fat shoulder thrust and a gore is a big shoulder thrus/slam to the grown so its like a shoulder thrus / slam and spear shoulder thrust tackle but in goldbergs case ite looks like a spine buster gore and spear o.k spear you go body strate into themgore you only use your left arm . to opinion rhynos gore is better than spear

In WWE is there a difference between gore and spear?

spear you run in to the guys abdomen with your sholder and bringing them to the ground. the gore the finisher of rhyno he runs dives in to the guy with his sholder slaming him to the ground a bit and lets go some times making them flip. if you dont think this is the right awnser type it up on youtube.

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