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Yes, there is. There are cheats for every game that is virtual, and involves getting virtual money.

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Q: Is there cheat for sandollars in fishville?
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How do you get sandollars on fishville on facebook?

You clean your friends tank allot, sell bunches of fish, and give your fish love everyday

Fishville cheats how to get sand dollars?

You can not cheat to get sand dollars. You have to work for it, or you have to buy it.

What color are sandollars?


Who has a battle tank on fishville?

I do.

How do you love your fish on fishville?

You click on the hearts right above the friend task bar on the fishville screen. It's as easy as that.

When are the fishville awards coming out?


How do you get a oyster bed in fishville?

i got mine from a gift (bottom right hand corner) that i recieved after playing fishville for like 5 or 6 days, and i dont see them in the fishville store, so i think a gift might b the only way

Do you need Yahoo FishVille Neighbors?

yes, i do

Is there another site where you can play fishville?

How do you get sand dollars in fishville?

just win it :P

How do you buy insta grow on fishville?

It cannot be bought!

What is the highest level in fishville on Facebook?

it is like 80