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There is a NCAA Division I team located at UCLA. They are called the Bruins.

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Q: Is there any softball at UCLA?
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How much does a UCLA softball coach make?


Which school has the most softball wcws appearances?


How much does UCLA softball coach make?


Which girls softball team has won the most championships?

In NCAA Division I Softball, UCLA has the most championships.

What is the salary for UCLA women's softball coach?

Softball coaches make a min. 21,500 and a max. of 25,000

Who has the most softball titles?

UCLA has the most NCAA titles

What team beat UCLA to win a berth in the NCAA womens softball super regional tournament?

University of Hawaii defeated UCLA and then LMU, which had eliminated UCLA, to win a berth in the NCAA womens softball super regional tournament. Therefore, the question as posed, is confusing, since it implies that by defeating UCLA, Hawaii advanced to the super regionals.

What softball college has the most NCAA Division 1 championships?


What is the best softball team in college in 2004?

UCLA beat Cal 3-1 in the NCAA Division 1 Softball Championships in 2004

What Collegiate Fastpitch Softball team has the most National championships?

The UCLA Lady Bruins have won the most National Championships in Collegiate Fastpitch Softball...I believe they have won 25 or 26 National Championships.

Which College women's softball team has won the most NCAA championships and how many?

UCLA has won the most NCAA championships with 11 wins.

Is there any difference in the stitches in a baseball and a softball?

No there is not difference in the stitches of a baseball and softball. The softball is just larger, but the stitches are the same.

Are there any movies about softball?

There are some old movies about softball and baseball but you just have to look for them

Are there any famous quotes related to the sport of softball?

Aside from the basic "softball is for girls," not really. This is mainly due to the fact that baseball overshadows softball since it came before softball.

Is it safe to hit a softball with a baseball bat?

completely! a softball is less hard than a baseball but a baseball bat will not harm the softball in any way

Other names for softball?

sorry, but i dont think there are any other official names for softball. :'(

Did Lisa frenandez have any kinds of problems in softball or with softball?

yes, rotator cuff problems

Why is UCLA a good college?

Ucla is a good college because it receives more undergraduate applications than any other school.

Why UCLA is a good college?

Ucla is a good college because it receives more undergraduate applications than any other school.

Why is UCLA's C not colored in on their jerseys?

UCLA has a tradition of changing their uniforms slightly every year. In 2007, UCLA won their 100th team championship, the most of any school in the NCAA. The "C" in UCLA is not colored as a reference to the roman numeral C, which means 100.

Do softball pitchers usually hit home runs?

No they are the same as any normal softball player playing there position

Are there any colleges near UCLA?

Cal State University of Los Angeles (about 30 minutes away from UCLA) Loyola Marymount University (about 15 minutes away from UCLA) Cal State University of Northridge (about 20 minutes away from UCLA)

Is softball a proper noun?

No, the noun softball is a common noun, a word for any game of softball or any softball.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Amateur Softball Association of AmericaThe National Softball Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City, OKSoft Saskatchewan, Regina SK, CanadaSoftball Australia, Collingwood VIC, Australia

How old does a girl have to be in order to play softball?

Any age can play softball.. i have been playing all my life and i am now 13! One of my coaches plays softball and she is in her 40's!

Do any farm teams feed into professional softball?

College. Pro softball team get their players directly from a college draft.