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science is definitely involved in Cheerleading. stunts, jumps and tumbling involve principles of gravity, propulsion, leverage....

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Q: Is there any science in cheerleading?
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Is there science in cheerleading?

There is a lot of science involved in cheerleading. Gravity, physics, propulsion, leverage...

What is a science fair project that has to do with cheerleading?

it's possible find things about cheerleading that are scientific and research that but use cheerleading as your main idea

How does science relate to cheerleading?

Science relates to cheerleading by: -You need to find your center of gravity in many positions. -You need to find the right velocity to get your jumps & tumbling right.

Does cheerleading involve science?

Yes, it involves mostly physics.

What is all the science things in cheerleading?

Physics. Physics is everything.

What kind of science is involved in cheerleading?

None at all. You can apply mechanics and biomechanics to study cheerleader activities, but cheerleading itself does not use science at all. It is only a cheap form of entertainment.

Are there any good cheerleading games?

spirit fever is a great cheerleading game

Is there any websites for cheerleading tryouts?

if you want competitive cheerleading yes.

What are good cheerleading science fair project?

something that involves gravity and stunts

How can you caculate the number of neutrons in an atom?

that is science not cheerleading so get off of here

Does science play a part in cheerleading?

science plays in a part of cheer leading because of the force and motion the cheerleaders make.

What would be a good name for a cheerleading Science Fair project on how many muscles you use while cheering?

Cheers to Science

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