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no, the paintball gun is dangerous and is not allowed in some places.

if you are asking about some back woods then the answer is yes, its gennerally just fine, if the property belongs to someone ok it with them first, if it is city property it is gennerally a good idea to contact your local police first and ok it with them, in a public place is never a good idea (parks, walking trails etc) just make sure the general public is well out of range and you should be fine

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not really. you cant really play Paintball without a marker. some places allow slingshots or Airow gun bows, and i guess you could throw paint if it was good enough quality.

I guess you could play with grenades only, but that would be unfeasibly expensive.

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Q: Is there any place play paintball but without the gun?
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How do you play an Inca sport called paintball?

There is no record of any Incan sport of "paintball"

How old do you have to be to play paintball in Sydney?

any age !

Are you allowed to play paintball in any field?

No, you need the owners permission.

Is paintball fun to play?

Yes paintball is an amazing sport to play ive been playing for about 6 years now and im not thinking about quiting any time soon

Where can you find a fps for free without any downloads?

phosphor and paintball paradise

How can you get paintball training?

There aren't any (non military) training places for paintball. The best way to improve is to listen to older players and play as often as possible.

How much does it cost if you don't have any equipment to play paintball at velocity?

$40-50 dollars

Where should you play paintball?

In any woods you own, or at a public field. Anywhere else is illegal.

Are there any laws against shooting a paintball gun in your own backyard?

It depends on where your backyard is. If it's your backyard and you are in a rural area, you should be OK. But if you are in a less rural area, there may be laws against discharging projectile weapons like BB guns, arrows, and paintball guns.

Can you take paintball stuff on a plane?

not in a carry on bag, but they may be checked into your luggage without any worries.

How can you upgrade your paintball gun at home without spending too much or any money?

You can't significantly.

What ages are recommended for playing paintball?

Paintball is probably too advanced for children under 7. However you shouldn't let any child play unsupervised, especially if they don't have the proper safety gear.