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You can use your hands in soccer, assuming you are a goalie.

Otherwise, however, you can't. Hockey is similar, as you can use your hands to secure the puck if you are a goalie, but otherwise, you cannot.

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Q: Is there any other sports than soccer you can't use your hands in?
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What is a harder soccer or basketball?

Soccer, you have to have much more endurance, you cant use your hands, and instead of only 5 defenders, there are 11.

Can you give any tips about playing rules for a beginner soccer goalie?

Well I have been a goalie and I am a soccer ref and there are a few rules first you cant touch the ball if your teammate passes it directly to you on pourpouse and you can only holdthe soccer ball for ten seconds you cant put sticky glue on your hands you are allowed todrop the ball and take it to the other goal without using your hands you are not allowed to use your hands outside of the goialie box and off a punt you can score

What are some rules about soccer?

you u cant touch the ball with your hands in a offside the other team gets the ballwhen a foul a person in the opposite team gets a free kick

Highest paid sports?

Soccer,Because A Lot Of People Watch Soccer And Cant Wait For The Fifa And Plus Players Have Practice Every Day Accept Sat And Sun

Is swimming harder than soccer?

Both these sports a very different and cannot be compared. Swimming is in water and Soccer on land. You cant really compare the 2. But swimming involves more of the body than soccer.

Will you be accepted if you cant play soccer in school of soccer sa?


If your child has hemophilia what can they not do?

They CAN do anything. They should avoid contact sports, but there are exceptions. As an example, some hemophiliacs can play soccer but some cant due to ankle problems.

What sports do England play?

England play a huge variety of sports. The most obvious one is football or what Americans call soccer. Here are some other sports; Rugby Tennis Swimming Basketball Netball Athletics Gymastics Horse riding Fencing Rounders/Baseball and i just cant be bothered to say the rest because there is loads.

Why do baseball players not shake hands after the game?

There is nothing saying they cant shake hands, generally speaking unlike in other sports, only 1 team is on the playing area when the game ends. The winning team usually takes to the field to "celebrate" or shake hands with one-another. Also in baseball unlike in other sports you play the same team 3-4 days in a row and will play some teams in your division 18-19 times in a season. Although baseball players don't take the field to shake hands after a game or series, you will sometimes see a waive or a 'tip of the cap' coming from one dug out to the other, this gesture is the equivalent to a handshake in other sports

What is the difference between a volleyball and a soccerball?

soccer ball: you kick around a ball on a field and try to get it in a net, which earns you points, you cant use your hands unless you are the goalie.volleyball: you bump the ball by putting your two hands together and putting your arms straight out and try to get the ball over the net to the other team. you also serve the ball and set it, and only use your hands.

Can you play proffessional soccer with glasses?

you cAnt

Can you pull your goalie in soccer?

No you cant peel it.

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