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Yes there are other Bowling formats.The Baker System, Scotch Doubles.

Also the Petersen Point System is a scoring "System" used in bowling, not a how it's bowled format. It's often confused with the widely used match point system of scoring.

The Baker System format places emphasis on the team effort rather than individual accomplishments

of team members. All team members follow each other in regular order to bowl a single game. For a

5-player team, Player #1 bowls frames 1 and 6; #2 bowls 2 and 7; #3 bowls 3 and 8; #4 bowls 4 and

9; and #5 bowls the 5th and 10th frames.

Scotch Doubles

Any combination of two bowlers is allowed. A three-game series is bowled with Bowler A bowling first in each

frame and Bowler B bowling at whatever pins are left. If a strike is bowled, the same bowler would continue.

Bowler A starts the first and third games, Bowler B starts the second game.

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Q: Is there any other game format in bowling besides baker or petersen points system?
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How are points calculated in Wii bowling?

The same way they are at a bowling alley.

How many points is a bowling pin worth?

1 point a bowling pin

How are pro points calculated in Wii bowling?

The same way as in a bowling alley.

What is the maximun points you can get in ten pin bowling?

The maximum points you get in a game of ten pin bowling is 300. Only if every single shot is a strike.

How many points do you get for a gutter ball in bowling?


How do you win in tenpin bowling?

By having the most points

What is the Petersen bowling format?

Where there is 40 points possible a night. 100% handicap league you bowl the person on the other team that bowls in the same postion as you do. If you bowl 1st you bowl the 1st bowler on the other team. If you average 190 and they average 180 you give them 10 pins a game. You have to beat them by 11 pins each game to get your point for the game. There is 1 point for each bowlers game and 1 point for their total series. Total of 4 points for each bowler 3 games plus their series. The team gets 5 points for each of the the total game and for the total series.

How many points is needed to roll a perfect game in tenpin bowling?

In tenpin bowling, a perfect game is 300.

How much is a strike worth in bowling on the wii?

A strike is worth 10 points plus your next to points

What is 300 P S in a B?

300 points scored in bowling?

Can you get rid of stars on your bowling ball in bowling on the Wii?

Yeah, all you have to do is stop being a pro get your points to drop under 1000p and they will go.

Can there be a tie game in bowling?

Sure! There's no "overtime" in bowling. In US Bowling Congress-sanctioned leagues, Rule 112 applies: if a tie occurs, the teams involved divide the points they'd earn equally.