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Mario ballotelli

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Q: Is there any footballer who has never missed a penalty and takes penalties regularly?
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How many penalties have Frank Lampard missed for Chelsea?

Three penalty loose by lampard

Who missed the penalty for Chelsea in 2008 champions league final?

Both John Terry and Nicolas Anelka missed penalties.

What is the record of missed penalties?

Nigeria vs Holland 9 missed penalties

Who missed the first penalty in world cup football history?

Voldermer de britto is wrong. He means to say dracula... he was a footballer at the young age of 13. He first joined fifa in 2008. He missed the first penalty in 1338. Get your facts straight you .... ____

Who missed penalties in the 2012 champions league final?

Arjen Robben from F.C. Bayern Munich missed a penalty kick in extra time. Juan Mata from Chelsea F.C. and Ivica Olic and Bastian Schweinsteiger from F.C. Bayern Munich in the penalty shoot-out.

How many penalties had Cristiano Ronaldo missed?

1,000,000 penalties

Who has scored most consecutive penalties?

frank lampard of corse.he made it 21 at the weekend against Blackburn has not missed a penalty in 3 years in a row

How many penalties messi missed?


How many penalties has Alan shearer missed in his career?

to tell the truth Alan shearer only missed 5 or 6 penalties in his career

How many penalties have missed Cristiano Ronaldo?

Ronaldo missed three penalties in his career, all for Man Utd. One against West Ham, another against Barcelona and another one against Chelsea in the Champions League final. He is not only the best free kick, but also penalty taker in the World.

Has maradona missed a penalty?


Has steven Gerrard missed a penalty?


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