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Many NCAA and NAIA institutions have a lion as a mascot.

Some include Columbia, Southeastern Louisiana and Texas A&M-Commerce.

However, no Division I-FBS team is nicknamed the Lions.

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Q: Is there any college football team that has a lion for mascot?
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A university/college that uses the Rebel as the mascot is the University of Mississippi. The name of the sport team that uses Rebel as the mascot is the Ole Miss Rebels football team.

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At first glance, it may be difficult to determine what and who the mascot of the UNLV football team is. However, the mascot represents a mountain man and considering the location of the College, most locals find it very suitable.

What college had the mascot 'buckeye'?

that would be the football team belonging to the Ohio State University

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California State University of San Jose has a football team. Their mascot is the Spartans. They play in the Western Athletic Conference.

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The Hyles Anderson College mascot is the 'Bagpiper'.

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Razorbacks commonly called the "hogs" their mascot resembles a firetruck red boar.

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