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Q: Is there any clubs that is 16 that is open on a monday night?
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Are there any Night clubs in Pakistan?

No, not yet, there may be some private ones.But no open clubs known yet.

How many night clubs are in New York city?

New York's night life offers a wide variety of venues, featuring hundreds of nightclubs. Any number of night clubs open or close in a given month. Furthermore, there are "secret" night clubs for those with fetishes. Calculating the many night clubs would be impossible, indeed.

Is smoking allowed in any night clubs?

Smoking is allowed in night clubs, yes. However, it is illegal in the US.smoking is only allowed in night clubs that are outside of the United States of America.

Are there any teen night clubs in Boston?

no bubba

Any under 18s night clubs in croydon cheam or surrey?

is there any night clubs for under 18s near sutton. cheam. croydon. or Kingston this year .. thanks

Is there any good night clubs for under 16s?

Amo Delanos

Are there any teen night clubs on st simons island?

sorry, there isnt

Are there any teen night clubs near Cary?

The closest there is would be in Chicago. So google teen night clubs in Chicago & around 5 different choices will pop up.

Are there any night clubs 16 and older in Salt Lake City Utah?

No, there are no night clubs in Salt Lake City, UT that are for 16 year olds and older. Most night clubs only let people in that are over 21 years old with some letting you in if you are 18.

Do soccer clubs host open trials?

Some do, for example non-league clubs, but there is lots of competition for places in any club.

Is there any teen night clubs un hollywoodFL?

There are a little over 200 teen night clubs in Hollywood California. Some examples are, The Polo Club, Emerald Pub, and Toby's Billiards.

Does Antarctica have any night clubs?

Research stations usually have areas where people can entertain each other when they're not at work, and these areas generally serve alcohol. There are no 'night clubs' in the classic sense.