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All equestrian events (dressage, eventing, jumping) and mixed doubles Badminton.

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Q: Is there an olympic sport that men and women compete against each other?
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Which Olympic sport features mixed competitions?

The equestrian competitions are the only Olympic competitions in which men compete against women.

Which Olympic sport does Tom Daley compete in?

Tom is an Olympic High Diver.

What Olympic sport does Tom Daley compete in?

Diving events.

In which sport did Jim abbott compete in the olympic games?


What olympic sport were women first allowed to compete in?

figure skating

What is the maximum age to compete in karate in the Olympics?

Karate is not an Olympic sport.

What sport did Johnny Weissmuller compete in before turning to acting?

He was an Olympic swimmer.

What is the only Olympic sport in which men and women compete head to head?


Can you compete on trampolines?

Yes. I m not sure if it still is, but it used to be an olympic sport.