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No, Kaka plays for Brazil and Real Madrid. My fav soccer player is Lionel Messi

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โˆ™ 2010-08-25 09:33:33
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Q: Is there actually a player called Kaka in the socceroos?
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Who is the best player in the socceroos?


Where does soccer player Kaka live?

kaka lives in Brazil

Who better ozil or kaka?

Kaka is a better player, but he is out with a long time injury.

Who is better Kaka or Ronaldinho?

kaka all day son kaka is the best soccer player you will ever see in your life by firaas

Is Kaka in the winter olympic games?

Kaka is a soccer player. Soccer is not an Winter Olympic sport.

What is the portuguese soccer player KaKa real name?

First of all kaka is a Brazilian footballer.

How did kaka get his nickname?

When Kaka's brothers were young, they were unable to pernounce Kaka's first name, Ricardo. So, they called him "Caca" instead, and "Caca" eventually turned into "Kaka".

What is uncle called in gujarati?


Most expensive soccer player?


Who is the best player of the year 2007?


Where was the first record player invented?


Best player ronaldo or kaka?


Is Ronaldihno better than Kaka?

well kaka is a fantasic player but ronaldiniho is much better honest

What is kaka's last name?

Kaka is actually just a nickname, his real name is Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite

Who is the most improved soccer player in 2007?

the Brazilian player kaka'

Which is better messi or kaka?

Kaka by a mile when both are at their top form. Kaka is a complete player but messi is a club player (only shining at barca with xavi & iniesta).KAKA IS HAVING A BAD TIME NOW BUT WHEN HE IS BACK FROM HIS INJURY HE WILL AGAIN REGAIN HIS STATUS AS WORLD NO.1 . For me :- 1.Kaka 2.C.Ronaldo 3.Messi.

What is the owner of a company called?

a boss kaka

Who is today's most popular football player?


Who is the number one soccer player in Brazil?


Is kaka world best player if not who is?

NO.... C.Ronaldo is the best .....

Is kaka the world best player?

No but he is the third best

Is kaka the best soccer player ever?


Who is the best player in the world ronaldo or kaka?


Who is the best soccer player present?

Kaka is the best

Is kaka a Muslim football player?

yeh i think....