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Q: Is there a weight limit for high school junior Varsity players?
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What is the average height and weight of a junior varsity football safety?


Average weight of high school linebacker?

for a starting linebacker on varsity at least 210

How much does JV shot put weigh?

Well, JV and varsity weight is not different because track is a varsity sport. For middle school the shot usually weighs 6 pounds but in high school the shot put weighs 8 pounds

How much does a boy's shot put weight for junior high school?

8 pounds

What is the average weight for a high school middle linebacker?

For a varsity middle linebacker the average is about 210lbs, but this has to be mostly lean muscle mass.

Jr high school shot put weight what is it?

The weight of a JUNIOR HIGH shot put is 10 pounds, not 12, which is highschool.

What is the average weight for a high school fullback?

i know are varsity fullback is like 200lbs A high school Full-Back should be between 190lbs and 230lbs.

Average weight for freshman in high school football players?

1001 pounds

What is the best age for kids to start weight training?

I would guess 12 - when they start junior high school.

What is the weight of the shot put for junior grade girls in high schools?

8 for jr high and 6 for high school

What is the right weight for a junior volleyball player?

You don't have to be a certain weight to play volleyball, the average weight for a junior volleyball player is 183 lbs.

How do you get varsity in wrestling if you never done it?

At the beginning of a wrestling season, tryouts are held at which time each person wrestles against others in their weight class. If you beat all of the others on your team in your weight class, or if there are no others in your weight class, then you are selected to be on the Varsity squad. If you have no experience, this might be difficult against others more experienced, so you might want to attend a wrestling camp, or get some private coaching from a knowledgeable wrestler in the off-season before tryouts begin (wrestling team coaches might be restricted from training you in the off-season). If your team has a Junior Varsity squad, and you don't make Varsity the first time out, be sure not to give up, or quit. By wrestling on J.V., you gain valuable experience that will help you to possibly get Varsity in the next season. Sometimes, J.V. wrestlers are permitted to challenge the Varsity wrestler at their weight class part way through the season to try and take over the slot, so it is important to keep wrestling for the experience.

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