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Q: Is there a way to customize a headband?
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What headband does Daieda have?

Correct way to spell his name-Deidara. His headband is the Rock village.

What moshling has a headband on moshi monsters?

Shelby has a headband. Cali has a headband with a heart on it.

Do you wear a thick headband over your ears?

if you want to you can and it is in fashion in 2012 by the way

What is an anadem?

An anadem is a headband, especially a headband of flowers.

Can you replace your beats wireless headband?

You can replace the headband for your Beats Wireless headband. Headband replacement can be purchased from websites such as eBay and Amazon. The headbands can be purchased in various colors.

What is the code for the headband on pixie hollow?

the answer for the headband code is 406060

When did Headband - band - end?

Headband - band - ended in 1974.

How can I customize My Earthlink?

I am looking for a way to customize my internet. I hear that My Earthlink is a great internet tool. How can I customized it to get the features I want?

When was Headband - band - created?

Headband - band - was created in 1973-09.

What is a headband made of?

It depends in the headband. Most, that I know of, are made of elastic.

Does temari wear a blue headband?

No. Temari wears a black headband.

I am going somewhere with this girl and would like her to wear a headband but how do i tell her?

Please wear a headband.