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VINs with less than 17 characters are numbers for cars made before 1981. As far as I know the biggest VIN decoder for VINs with less than 17 characters is Decode This: It will decode VINs from 1950 through the current model year.

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Q: Is there a vin decoder for vin with less than 17 digits?
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Where can you find a Vin decoder for 1978 ford 600?

Ford truck enthusists has a vin decoder.

Where can one find a VIN decoder online?

One can find a VIN decoder online on websites such as Carfax, Motoverse, and Autocheck. Freely, someone can go to DecodeThis to get a free VIN decoder.

I want a vin decoder for my new car.?

You can visit pep boys and they have vin decoders there. They have locations all over the country and they offer vin decoder and they have them for great prices.

How can you tell the model on a KTM motorcycle?

Locate the vin number (17 digits) on the right side of the steering head tube, then enter it in the vin decoder at this web link: It will provide you with more info than you probably wanted to know along with the model and year of your KTM.

How do you find the date of manufacture of a BMW bike from a VIN?

TheBMW Motorcycle VIN Decoder:The VIN Decoder - enter the last 7 digits of a BMWmotorcycle VIN and it gives you the manufacture date!This is a complete vin number decoder and works also for BMW motorcyclesCopy & paste the following link in your address bar! only problem with this is that it only accepts "the last 7 digits of the number." Before 1970, BMW VINs were SIX digits. The website gives an error when you try to enter any serial number from a bike before 1970.The web site lies and says it is complete from 1928 to 2002.

How do you decode body style in a Honda VIN?

Click the link to VIN decoder.

Late70's early 80's Yamaha dirt bike Vin 4V3-004788 can anyone tell what it is?

Yes, the bike is a 1981 Yamaha YZ250. I have two of them. No question that's what it is. No, according to the Yamaha vin decoder, the vin must be 17 digits.

What year Yamaha vin is jyace05c2ya009298?

Enter the VIN into a website that offers a VIN Decoder and it will be able to decode the information on the VIN for you.

How to identify the year of a YZ 125?

Look at the frame for a sticker that will say the year OR find the VIN number stamped on the neck of the bike frame - it is 17 digits. One of the letters (not a number) in the VIN is the YEAR CODE. look up on net for a VIN DECODER and run the VIN. it will tell you the year OR bring VIN into a Yamaha dealer they will tell you


Although I was not familiar with a VIN decoder, I have found out that there are options available online in order to decode a VIN number. One site that I found for decoding was a free site decode this dot com.

Who owns this Jeep Vin number 50311?

That isn't enough digits to be a VIN. A VIN is 17 digits long.

Suzuki VL800but vin where can i find out what cc my engine is by vin?

Run the VIN through a decoder and it will tell you lots of information about your ride.