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I have never heard of one.

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Q: Is there a turbo kit for Honda dirt bikes?
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For what would an s2000 turbo kit be used?

An s2000 turbo kit is used in Honda vehicles. The s2000 turbo kit is mainly used in Honda cars for street racing. The cost of one is pretty expensive costing over $3,000.00.

What are the laws concerning dirt bikes in Texas?

There are no laws governing dirt bikes, they are made to be ridden offroad. If you do put a dual sport kit on a dirt bike and get a tag, then all laws pertaining to street bikes apply to you. You might check this link:

Is it illegal to ride a dirt bike in a residential neighborhood in MD?

Dirt bikes are not legal to ride on the road anywhere, unless you have a dual sport kit on your bike with a tag.

What is the difference between a motocross and a dirt bike as seem classified in different categories?

That is kind of a tricky question. Dirt bikes encompass any bike that is ridden off road plus what are known as dual sport bikes. Most of the manufacturers categorize their dirt bikes as motocross or off road. Basically "dirt bikes" break down like this; 1) Motocross race bikes and woods race bikes. These are both liquid-cooled bikes with aluminum frames and racing suspension (compression and rebound settings, long travel, etc.), the woods race bikes just have some minor changes such as a wider gear ratio, a heavier fly wheel, bigger tank, lights, softer spring rate, etc. 2) Trail/play bikes. These bikes have air-cooled engines, steel frames and much less suspension than the race bikes. 3) Dual Sport bikes. This category is everything from Woods race bikes with a dual sport kit installed to make them street legal to production dual sport bikes such as the Honda XR650L and BMW 650GS.

Will a Honda crf250r dirt bike graphics kit fit on a Honda crf230 dirt bike?

nope the plastics are way off. go to for the best graphics around... look good and tough as nails

If you put a light kit on a Honda Crf50 could it be street legal?

it could be depending on the state you live in. some states have a height requirement for bikes.

What is better for a Honda 01 Prelude Turbo or Supercharger?

I would install a turbo, due to the availability different turbo kits, I think only Jackson racing is the only company advertising a supercharger for the prelude. Turbo kit has room to grow, easier to modify, better fuel economy, etc.

Looking for a turbo kit for a 1999 jetta 2.0?

You can not get a turbo kit but there is a nuespeed Supercharger kit for the 2.0 it gives you 50% more horsepower and 55% more torque.

Is there a turbo kit for a 944 Porsche?

There isn't a turbo kit due to the high compression of the N/A engine. There is however a low pressure supercharger kit by Speed Force racing.

How do you install a after market turbo kit on a existing stock turbo eclipse?

if your eclipse is the gts( turboed model) then have the work is already done for you. in a after market turbo kit it should come with everything that your turbo kit already has just newer and better performance, but if the turbo kit is for your car its cake, replace the turbo with the new one, change out the oil feed, and oil return lines, remove all the rubber piping and replace with the new turbo pipeing. might have to remove your front bumper to install the new intercooler

How do you put on a turbo?

buy a kit

What kind of stator do you need to put a baja designs enduro headlight tail light kit on your Honda crf100?

I have a Honda crf 100 dirt bike and I Want to put a baja designs enduro headlight taillight kit on it what kind of stator would I need thanks.

Is there a turbo kit available for a 3.1 firebird?

There is a super charged universal kit . There is also the regular turbo kit for the 3.1 liter firebird these can be bought from any good auto parts store.

How much boost can I run with the BD-Power Super B Twin Turbo Kit?

You can get quite a bit of boost with the BD-Power twin turbo kit, but it depends on your engine and how you mate the kit.

Can you turbo charge your accord?

Any engine can be turbocharged, and since you have a Honda all you need to do is search for a kit for your motor. If you have the 4cyl. it will be easier and cheaper, but there should be a few avail.

Can you get a Turbo kit for a 2006 Subaru Outback?


What is the MRP of Turbo Germkill Kit?

Rs. 750/-

Which is harder to put in a turbocharger or a supercharger?

a turbocharger. unless you are comparing a turbo kit to DIY supercharging. See what is available for your car. Turbo kits are more elaborate, but if you cant find a supercharger kit, you will have an easier time buying and installing the turbo kit that making a supercharger setup yourself.

Can you put a 2.0L turbo kit on a 1.8L?

Yes, you can probably get away with putting a 2.0 turbo kit on a 1.8, but to get optimum power and efficiency, you should get the proper sized turbo kit system. If you are going to run a turbo set for a larger liter size than you own, make sure your coolant system is up to date, and running well, or you could experience over heating.

Is it possible to turbo a 92 bravo G6 engine?

You can put a Turbo on your 1992 engine. You will need to purchase a air intake Turbo modification kit.

Is there a turbo for a 1991 camaro rs 305 tbi?

In short the answer is no. There is no pre-fabricated turbo kit available for the 305 TBI. There are, however, a lot of options out there for a custom turbo or supercharger kit. You can turbocharge anything. Where there's a will there's a way. Hope this helps.

Is there a turbo supercharge for dodge stratus coupe?

There is no turbo kit made for the stratus coupe. But there is a supercharger kit made by ripp mods. The difference is a turbo runs off exhaust gas and a supercharger is beltdriven. The engine in the coupe is a 6g72. The same engine comes in a twin turbo charged Mitsubishi 3000gt.

Is there turbo kits for 2001 eclipse rs 2.4l?

Yes they make a turbo kit for it just matters what you won't to spend

Where can you find a turbo kit for your Volvo 240 diesel?

You dont unless you live in Europe. Turbo bricks shows ppl using the turbo setup from 740 TD.

Is it safe to use the PLTK300 Powerline Turbo Network Kit?

The PLTK300 Powerline Turbo kit will work fine for most networks, but for commercial businesses, you may want something a bit more robust.