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10 seconds..Buts its rarely called. Karl Malone was good at taking more than 10 seconds.

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Q: Is there a time limit to shoot a foul shot?
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What does the foul shot by Edwin A. Hoey mean?

it is called foul shot because that its only 2 seconds remaining on the clock and their is no time to shoot the ball.

How much time do you have to shoot a free throw in a college basketball game?

You have 10 seconds to shoot the ball. If you do not shoot within the 10 seconds a delay of game foul will be called.

Can team A call a time out after the ball has been handed to A1 to shot foul shots?


What is a gta 4 motto?

shoot or be shot is a motto that is most of the time true.

How far does the Nerf spectre shoot?

About 30 feet (estimated from the last time i shot it).

What is the goal of netball?

To shoot more goals than the other team within the time limit.

How much time do you have to shot?

If you mean Shot-Put then the athlete throwing the (shot) has 60seconds after there name is called to begin the throwing of the shot after those 60seconds have expired the athlete will be told that they have made a foul throw.Thank you and I hope this answers your question.

How do you defeat as a Gerudo thief on ocarina of time?

shoot it with arrows or hook-shot then attack with sword

How did the guns not shoot the propellor on a bi-plane?

there is a timer on the gun that made the gun shoot at set time so it never shot its self out of the sky

What are the top 10 all-time men's ncaa foul shot leaders?

all i know is tyler hansbrough is number 1

Why does my shotgun shot a bullet every other time?

Because that was the way it was loaded into the gun, shot charge, bullet charge, shot charge, bullet charge. If you load it that way, it will shoot that way.

How much time on the shot clock is needed to get off a shot in basketball?

Players in the NBA have a 24-second grace period from the shot clock to get off a shot clock. In college basketball, the shot clock limit is 35 seconds.