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There isn't an official time limit, but they know that they are there to play Baseball. If a runner is taking too long to circle the bases, the umpire will speed it up.

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Q: Is there a time limit on the time to run the bases when you hit a home run?
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How many home runs can you get in a MLB game?

As many as the players can hit. There is no limit.

If you hit a home run how many bases is that?

1 Home run counts as 4 total bases. ya i agree a total of 4 baces :)

How long do you have to hit a ball once you have addressed it?

There is no time limit, however, you should hit it in a reasonable amount of time, i.e a few seconds.

Do you have to run the bases when you hit a home run?

no. you don't. but if you do your run counts. if you don't run the bases, you forfeit a run. good luck with that one.

Who hit the most home runs in cooperstown?

Ben Buff hit 19 home runs in Cooperstown. He played for the Tennessee Titans, and ran a 12.1 around the bases. he is originally from California.

When was the last time a san francisco giants' player hit 2 home runs in the same inning?

On September 18, 2011, Pablo Sandoval hit two fourth-inning home runs against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. He also hit a triple in the game, giving him 11 total bases for the contest.

What is a Grand Slam in baseball?

In baseball terminology, a grand slam is a home run hit when the bases are "loaded". Meaning that the home run is hit with runners on 1st, 2nd & 3rd base. The result is that 4 runs are scored. A home run normally occurs when a baseball is hit into the grandstands in fair territory. An "inside the park" home run occurs when the hitter can run all the way from home plate then around the bases and ends up back on home plate. It is not a home run if an error allows the hitter to run all the bases.

What happens if a hitter hits a home run but steps on home plate?

That is what you are supposed to do- step on home plate to get the credit for the home run. You have to touch all of the bases aftet you hit the home run.

50 stolen bases and 40 home runs?

Nobody hit 50 hr & stole 40 bases in a single season. The closest to it was alfonso soriano & next closest was a rod both hit more than 40 hrs & both stole more than 40 bases

What does home run mean?

it means a player hit the ball over the outfield fence and he gets to round the bases and score

Who was the first baseball player to hit 40 home runs and have 40 stolen bases in a season?

Jose Canseco in 1988.

How is earned runs scored in fast pitch softball?

you can steal home plate, you can be on 3rd when it is bases loaded and you are forced to go to home plate or you can be on 3rd and run to home plate when the ball is hit