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Kapil Dev although legendary Sri Lankan cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya missed out by 2 test wickets

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2009-01-23 03:55:01
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Q: Is there a test cricketer who played 100 test matches and took 100 test wickets and 100 ODI wickets also?
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How many times has Anil Kumble taken 10 wickets in Test Matches?

Anil Kumble has taken 10 wickets 8 times in Test Matches. He has also taken 10 wickets in an inning of a Test Match at Delhi against Pakistan in 1999.

Who is the bowler to take highest wickets?

Mutthia murlidharan of srilanka has taken the most wikets in odis and also in test he has taken 800 wikets in test matches and 518 wickets in odis

Which West Indies cricketer also played for England?

MS Dhoni

Which member of the Indian cricket team has the nickname of Jumbo?

Retired leg-spin bowler Anil Kumble was nicknamed 'Jumbo'. Kumble played 132 Test matches for his country, taking 619 wickets. He also played in 271 One-Day Internationals, taking 337 wickets. Kumble made his Test debut for India in 1990 against England, and played his final Test match against Australia in Delhi in 2008.

Which cricketer has played both FIFA World Cup and cricket World Cup for his country?

Viv Richards played in 1975, 1979, 1983, 1987 Cricket world cups for West Indies. He also played International football for Antigua, appearing in qualifying matches for the 1974 FIFA World Cup.

Who is bobb wolmer?

Bob Woolmer was a international cricketer, professional cricket coach and also a professional commentator. He played in 19 test matches and 6 One Day Internationals for England and later coached South Africa, Warwickshire and Pakistan.

How many matches are played won and lost by India?

India has played a total of 721 One Day matches and won 349 out of them. Also we have played a total of 430 test matches. Out of which we have won 99 and lost 136

Who is Australia's most capped cricketer?

"Super Steve " Waugh is the most capped Australian cricketer in One Day Internationals, playing 325 matches at an average of 32.91. Called Tugga by his mates, and known as "Iceman" by the enemy. Steve is also the most capped Australian Test player too, playing 168 matches at an average of 51.06. Absolute Champion.

Which former English cricketer also played football?

Ian 'Beefy' Botham played first-class cricket for Leicestershire and England, and also football for Scunthorpe United.

How many games India has played in cricket?

India has played a total of 721 One Day matches and won 349 out of them. Also we have played a total of 430 test matches. Out of which we have won 99 and lost 136

When was Fiona Campbell born?

Fiona Campbell was born on June 29 1981 in Aberdeen, Scotland, also known as Fee or Weefee, is a Scottish cricketer who has represented her country in several international matches.

What else is held in wembley stadium besides music?

Football matches are also played at wembley.

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