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Bowling, darts, Golf, horseshoes, croquet are all out of shape sports.

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You can play any sport without being fit, you just probably won't play very well.

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Q: Is there a sport that someone does not have to be fit for in order to play?
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What is a good sport for someone who doesn't fit in?

really if you think about it if you can play the sport then go for it. show people that god gave you a wonderful talent. they cant make fun of you if you know how to play. and of you dont know how to then learn and prove them wrong

What is Sportfit?

Sportfit is a fitness center.

Why should every kid play a sport?

Every child does not have to play a sport. But it would be very benificial that they do. The would get better social skills, more responsibility and more life skills. Its also a good way on how to stay fit, or getting fit. Even if your child dosen't play a sport its important that they get a good amount of excersise.

Why palying sport?

Its not exactly important to play sport, sport is just a fun way of exercising and keeping fit and making new mates...

Should everyone be made to play a sport?

yes so they can get fit and have a good lifestyle

What can you do to keep fit?

play sport and dont get greedy when the family gets KFC bargain bucket

How many people get fit by playing sport?

If they play sports all the time, almost anyone can get fit playing sports. So..... Lots do.

3 reason why you play sport?

1. to get fit 2. to have fun 3. make new friends

Why do you play netball as a sport?

I personally play netball as i find it a great way to keep fit, meet new people and just have fun

Why do you play basketball?

Simply to have fun and keep me entertained, but others have different reasons to enjoy the sport such as keeping fit.

Will Justin Bieber go out with someone that like to play soccer?

Yea he probably wants someone fit

Is soccer a good sport to play to stay fit?

Yes, it is because you are constantly running from defence to offence is also especially good if you do well running long distances and yes does keep you fit.