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Q: Is there a skateboard trick called creator top?
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Is blind the skateboard in the top 10?

no way

What is The name of the top of a skateboard?

there is no specific name for the top, usually it's reffered to as the griptape.

Does the weight on a skateboard affect how far it will go from the top of the hill?


Who makes good skateboard wheels?

Bones,darkstar,ricta are the top 3

It is a box which has a circle cut out on the top and is mirrored inside. You put a small object in the box and the illusion makes it look like the object is on top. What is this trick called?

....optical illusion.

How do you do a half pipe on a skateboard?

to drop in? just start at the top and roll in, putting ur weight forward

What is the name of the tv show with the guns trick shots?

The name of the show is called Top Shot and it is on the history channel. It features the top shooters from around the country and all walks of life in a competition to see who is the best.