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Q: Is there a significance to the colors and number of feathers on the logo?
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What do the colors mean in the nba logo?

what do the colors mean in the nba cares logo

How many feathers does the peacock have?

NBC has used multiple peacock logos for it's company. The original peacock logo had eleven feathers and this stayed the case until 1986. After 1986 the peacock was changed to only have six feathers. Currently the number of feathers is six.

What is considered a good business color for a logo?

There are many colors that are considered good for a logo. Examples of colors that are considered good for a logo are bright colors such as yellow, blue, and red.

Will another feather be added to the Chicago Blackhawk's logo?

No they will not add another because the number of feathers are not the same as the number of Stanley cups that have been one their were four feathers on the Indian head long before they won there fourth Stanley Cup

How many feathers on the NBC peacock?


What is the significance of the wings on red wings logo?

Red .... wings. Wings. Do you get the significance now?

Why does the Blackhawks Indian head logo have four feathers?

Their is no real reason that the Blackhawks Indian Head has four feathers.

How many colors in HP logo?

there are 6 colour in hp logo

What does the blackhawks hockey team logo look like?

The Blackhawks logo is an Indian with black hair and three feathers in it.

What are the colors of aeropostale?

main logo colors are red, white and navy

What does the University of Miami's logo mean?

What is the meaning and significance of the University of Miami's "U" logo? What does the "U" stand for?

What are John Deere pms colors for logo?

The John Deere colors are green and yellow. There is also a tractor in their logo, that is green with black tires.