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Yes- there are 10 of them actually! He signed an undisclosed number of each of the 10 cards in the Karl Malone Career Highlights insert set found in packs of Fleer Ultra from 1993-94. The cards were then randomly seeded by Fleer into packs as a very rare treat for collectors to pull! The genuine Ultra autos can be distinguished by the presence of a Fleer embossed stamp of authenticity.

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2010-08-19 13:54:45
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Q: Is there a short print autographed card of Karl Malone from the 93-94 Ultra Career Highlights Insert set?
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What is the value of a game worn autographed Karl Malone jersey?

A Karl Malone game worn autographed jersey from one of the 14 All-Star Games that he played in is valued at $1,112. Other game worn jerseys autographed by Karl Malone are selling for $300 to $750.

Who is the NBA career Double Double Leader?

Karl malone

Who is Karl Malone in basketball?

Karl Malone played for the Utah Jazz for many seasons in his career before joining the Los Angeles Lakers. Malone then retired after a season with the Lakers.

How many points did Karl Malone score in his career?

36928 points.

Who holds the nba record for most turnovers for a career?

Karl Malone

What is Karl Malone's career high in points for a game?

61 points

What are the release dates for The In-Betweens of Holly Malone - 2005 Open House Insert Foot 1-12?

The In-Betweens of Holly Malone - 2005 Open House Insert Foot 1-12 was released on: USA: September 2005

Who made the most free throws in career?

In the NBA, that would be Karl Malone with 9,787 made free throws. Malone also holds the career NBA record for free throw attempts with 13,188.

What pro basketball player has the second most career points?

Karl Malone

What was the scoring average throughout Karl Malone's career?

Points per game: 25.0

Who scored the 2nd most career NBA points?

Karl Malone. He scored 36,928 points.

Who is karl malone?

Karl Malone was a professional basketball player who was born in Summerfield, Louisiana. He spent most of his professional career playing for the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association.

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