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there is no set distance in which the tee markers are set.. It is up to the maintance people who cut the tees

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Q: Is there a set distance in which the tee should be set on the tee box?
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Do you have to use a tee when hitting from the tee box?

No, but that is what the TEE BOX is for.

How do you set up tee markers for golf?

The tee markers on a golf course are set up by the greens staff prior to the commencement of a given day or competition. The just set them down level with each other pointing towards the fairway or green. They are always set up on the tee box which is a specially designated area which is closely mown.

What is the area where you tee up?

tee box

Can you use a tee for any shot?

No, you can only use the tee on your tee shot on every hole. Your tee shot is any shot that is hit from the designated tee box, and the teeing are is defined by the two tee markers. If you need to hit a provision shot from the tee box, you may use a tee. But you can not use a tee from anywhere else.

How far behind the tee markers can you tee your ball My partner teed off about 5 feet behind the tee markers Was that legal?

The teeing ground is the area that the BALL is to be teed and is defined as the space even with and between the tee markers, to a distance of two club lengths behind the markers; your feet can be outside of this 'box'. I've never seen in the rules as to exactly where the 'front' of the box is, but 'courtesy' would suggest it's to the center of the tee marker [as opposed to the leading-edge of the marker]. I've also never seen which club shall be used to measure the two club lengths behind the markers...courtesy again would suggest, whatever club you are intending to tee off with! And finally, having worked on a course, and been trained by one of the best superintendents in the industry, tee markers should be placed six paces apart (that's six steps, not twelve steps!); therefore, about 14-16 feet apart...not the entire width of the tee box like you see on most 'cheap' courses! Someone who knows how to set-up the course, understands the value of this seemingly 'narrow' distance between the markers, and how much control they can have over the golfers!

If a golf hole is said to be 480 yds what is the point at which the measurement starts and at what point does it fininsh?

The distance is measured from the tee box to the middle of the green. If a hole is said to be 480 yds, that distance is from the tee and "usually" to the centre of the green. Yardage markers ie 150 yrds out are measured the same.

How do you vent a laundry box plumbing fixture?

Put a tee in your pipe to the right or left of box then out of the side of the tee go over under box and put a p-trap in and go up into box then out of the top of your tee go up and out of roof for vent

Can you pick up a broken tee from the tee box and use it to tee your ball up?

Yes, you may do this.

Name of the area that golfers tee off from?

It is called the tee box.

Do both feet have to be behind the tee box line in golf?

Yes, both feet must be behind the tee box.

Do professional women golfers hit from the ladies tee in the tee box?

They play from the tee box which is specially designated for the tournament. They would play from further back than the ladies tee box would be on a standard course. The course plays considerably longer than another course also.

Which American pop singer set up a record company called Jay Tee Records?

Jay Tee Records was set up by Jay Tee.

What is the first stoke that is played off the tee-off box?

A tee shot.

Why are there multiple tee markers in a tee box?

There are a number of different tee markers because each one indicates which group should tee off from where, and for what purpose. Examples * Competition tees * General play tees * Ladies tees * Senior tees * Juniour tees

Can you take a mulligan off the tee or anywhere on the course in golf?

only on the tee box

Is it a penality if you tee your ball outside of the defined tee box in match play?

sure is if you hit it

Second shot from a tee box?

If you just hit a ball out of bounce from the tee box or if you don't know if you did you can call for a provisional ball. You would hit your second shot from the tee box "your provisional shot" and see if you can find the first ball. If you can't and your provisional ball is in play then you have play provisional ball and you accrue a 1 shot penalty stroke also. If you find your first shot off of the tee then you pick up your provisional ball and play your first tee shot. No penalty if you find your first tee shot and you can play it. So, the second shot from the tee box would be considered a provisional shot.

If the tee markers on a tee box are clear in the back of the tee box is it ok to tee up in an area 2 club lengths behind the markers even if the area is not flat and manicured?

yes, under the rules of golf the " teeing ground" extends 2 club lengths back from each tee marker and across >

In a golf club competion your opponant enters your score in the wrong box?

They must correct their mistake, by replaying the hole, from the correct tee box before they tee off on the next hole. If they fail to do so, they are disqualified. Two shot penalty also for teeing off on the wrong tee box.

What age do you tee off from senior tee box?

I don't believe there is any set age. The USGA does not address this in the rules of golf as far as I know. I do think the set of tee markers should be played according to one's ability. The standard rule of thumb is to multiply the distance you would hit a 5 iron times 36. The result is the total yardage from any given set of markers. For men this could be the Senior tees, but never the red tees. For instance if you hit a 5 iron 150 yards, multiplied by 36 equals 5400 yards you would most likely play the Senior tees. Further, I think most golf courses probably have a recommended age for senior tees. Check with the golf course you are playing, it may be a local rule.

What is the minimum distance between tee and green on any hole?

There is no minimum distance between tee and green in golf, but most holes are at least 50 yards from the front tees.

My husband wants to tee off from the ladies tee box. the red tee boxes. Is this allowed?

He can if he wants to, but he could be the butt of many jokes! If it is general play, he can tee off from wherever he wants to, but if it is an official competition he has to tee off from the stipulated tee box. If he doesn't feel he hits the ball far enough he could simply hit off the forward tees, but if he really wants to hit off the ladies tees nothing can stop him.

Does tee height affect driving distance?


If a ball comes to rest on a tee box do you drop off the tee box?

Check local rules, but you will usually have to play the ball as it lies, obviously if there is a tee marker in the way you can move it, or take a drop if it is immovable, but the drop will be one club length from the nearest point of relief.

Where do you measure the distance on a golf hole?

Golf holes are measured from the middle of the tee-box, down the middle of the fairway, to the center of the green. So if a par 4, for instance, had a curve or dogleg in the fairway, the distance as stated above would be longer than measuring a hole "as the crow flies" or from the tee-box directly to the center of the green. Par three holes usually don't have fairways per say, so they are measured as the crow flies since they are designed to be completed in one full shot and two putts.