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Yes there is a book called deep zone where Ty and Troy white from football genius meet

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Q: Is there a sequel to football hero by Tim green?
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Who wrote Football Hero?

Tim Green.

When was Tim Green's Football Hero published?

April of 2008

How many pages does Football Hero by Tim Green have?


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What is the external conflict in the football champ by Tim green?

The external conflict in "The Football Champ" by Tim Green is between the main character, Troy, and his rival on the football field, Tate. They compete against each other in football games, leading to a fierce competition and intense confrontations. This external conflict drives the plot as Troy tries to prove himself and win against Tate.

What is the climax for Football Genius?

Football Genius is a book written by Tim Green in 2007. The climax of the book is when Troy proves that he is able to predict all of the plays.

What are the major conflicts in the story deep zone by Tim green?

Two rival football players discover there is more at stake than just a football game.

Who are Tim green's parents?

Tim Green's parents are Mel and Shirley Green.

Is there a Thane Lewis who ever played in the NFL?

No, Thane Lewis is a fictional character in a football book series by Tim Green.

What is Tim Green well known for?

Tim Green is a former player with the Atlanta Falcons in the National Football League. He played both the defensive end and linebacker positions. He has also been a commentator for NPR, and a host of a revived version of "A current Affair".

When was Tim Berra - American football - born?

Tim Berra - American football - was born on 1951-09-23.