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No , there's not a rule in the game of Chess that requires a player to forfeit a chess piece if they do not place the king in check at every opportunity to do so .

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2012-03-07 03:15:18
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Q: Is there a rule in chess that if they don't say check you can take there piece?
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When playing chess if you touch a piece do you have to move it?

The "Touch-move rule" requires you , when it's your turn , to move that chess piece . ~ See related link below for additional information .

Does threefold repetition rule apply when opponent gives check in game of chess?


Can you do over in chess?

At most tournaments you are not allowed to "do over" during a chess game. Most tournaments will enforce a rule that when a piece is lifted from the board, this piece must be moved. Of course you can agree on a "do over" with your opponent on some online chess websites or in real life games where the tournament rules or the game allow it.

In chess can you retrace your move?

No; in chess, once you have touched a piece, you must move it. The only exception to this rule is in the case of adjusting the piece within its square. Some people play by the "the move is complete when you let go of the piece" rule, but this isn't an official rule. Officially, you touch it, it must move. Once you've moved it, you can only move it back if doing so constitutes a legal move for that piece and the current position, and only as a separate turn. In short, there are no "take-backs".

Is king clash a rule in chess?

no. in chess two kings must not stand on adjacent squares as it puts both kings in check therefore 2 kings are not allowed to meet

What is the rule of chess?

The rule of chess is, depending on the game, must save your king. You must move the pieces the correct way and if the same move is repeated for both you and your opponent, it is called a draw. In some circumstances you must move the piece once you touch it. Other times, when you let go of your piece. You claim a win by either capturing your opponents king or checkmating him which is attacking your opponent's king and he has no where to move.

Which chess piece has the most pieces?

Chess pieces are often said to value a certain number of pawns. Pawns are worth 1 Knights and bishops are worth 3 Rooks are worth 5 Queens are worth 8 Thus making queens the most valuable piece when it comes to exchanges. Of course, every position is different, and this is only a basic rule of thumb. Also, the most valuable piece is still not the queen, but the king. A good chess player would be willing to sacrifice every piece he has to save the king.

Is there any 16 moves rule in chess game?

No. There is a 50 move rule, however

Do you have to say check or checkmate when playing chess?

You don't have to say either. No chess rule requires it, and it may be distracting to your opponent or those around you in a tournament. If you achieve checkmate, you should offer a handshake, or do whatever you normally do to conclude your games, but you do not have to say "checkmate."

In chess and you have one piece left what happens after 15 moves?

Nothing. You may be thinking of the 50-move rule, where if 50 moves happen without a capture or a Pawn move, the game is a draw.

Is the touch move rule used in international chess?

i think so

How many spaces can a stalemate move in chess?

The Fifty-Move Rule : the fifty move rule is among the least understood rules in chess . This rule essentially states that if no progress is made after fifty moves by both players then the game is declared a draw . Progress is defined by the capture of any piece, or the movement of a pawn . If fifty moves by each player are made without either of these events occurring then either player may claim a draw .

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