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Yes you can try Unique Sports Ball Doctor Leak And Flat Fix-Repair Kit. This fixes all types of leaks in footballs. You can purchase this product from Amazon.

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Q: Is there a product for fixing a football with a slow leak?
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I have a slow leak in the radiator of my 99 Volkswagen Jetta Can I use a stop leak product?

Be careful - some of these products can plug the heater core

What does the code P2173 on a 2005 dodge durango 5.7L mean?

P2173 High AirFlow/ Vacuum Leak Detected (Slow Accumulation).You have a vacuum leak in the intake manifold.P2173 High AirFlow/ Vacuum Leak Detected (Slow Accumulation).You have a vacuum leak in the intake manifold.

Can you add anything to slow down transmission leak in 1998 Kia Sephia manuel?

You can try a product like Bar's or Lucas stop leak, specifically designed to correct minor problems with the gasket seal. Seals do dry out and may be rejuvenated by the addition of a stop-leak product that causes seals to expand and regain plasticity. They may or may not help. This is for the most part a band-aid approach. The only real fix is to replace the leaking seals.

If water pump on 1995 Saturn is leaking what can you put in it to get it to stop or slow down the leak?

The only permanent repair for a leaking water pump is to replace it. Any product that claims to stop the leak is only a temporary emergency repair that will not last and will partially clog your cooling system. Repair it the right way by replacing the pump.

How do you slow down the idle speed on a 1998 Toyota Sienna?

fix the vacuum leak

Why does Facebook not load?

Well, sometimes its just because your computer is slow. Or they are fixing it to make it better for you. Hope this answers your questions!!

Why water forms large drops as it falls from a faucet with a slow leak?

the water must reach a certain mass weight in order to release the faucet surface and fall, therefore with a slow leak the drop can form a larger drop before falling.

Can you seal up a slow leak in a bent car rim with Fix-a-Flat I bent my rim on a pot hole and it has a slow leak in it and I'd rather not pay 650 to get a new rim?

Probably not. It may be worth the five or six dollars to try.

Ac 1994 safari no back ac has slow leak can't find?

Ive spent lots of time trying to find the leak using dye through a well known macanic .checked everything over with a find tooth comb but nothing,, still got very slow leak need help or suggestions

Where can I find information about fixing tires?

Some causes of a slow leak are a faulty valve stem, a small puncture in the tire or a poor seal at the rim. This is a job that is best left for professionals to fix. Bring the car to your local tire store to have the problem diagnosed. They will be able to determine the problem and come up with the safest solution.

Is there an additive that can be added to freon that can stop a very slow leak in auto my auto air conditioner?

Not yet. Most parts stores do sell a R134a "stop leak"

Is the download for football superstars bad?

i dont know but its slow