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Michael Jordan and A.C. Green

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Q: Is there a player in the nba that wears number 45?
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What famous baseball player wears number 45?

there could be baseball players that are number 45 and soccer players that are number 45 and football players that are number 45.

Who was the last New York Yankees player to wear number 45?

Sergio Mitre currently wears #45 for the Yankees.

Who wears Mancunian republic jersey number 45?

Davide Petrucci wears jersey number 45 for mancunian republic.

What MLB players wear the number 45?

Currently, the number 45 is worn by Derek Holland. Jhoulys Chacin also wears number 45. Bob Gibson is a famous player who wore 45 in the past.

Who wears number 45 for the New York Yankees?

Sergio Mitre wears uniform number 45 for the 2011 New York Yankees.

Why Michel Jordan wears the 23?

He wears the number 23 jersey because his brother Larry wore 45 when he played and he wanted to be at least half the player he was.

Who is number 45 in the nba?

Michael Jordan

How many NBA games did Jordan wear number 45?


How old was the oldest player in the nba?

Nat Hickey, 45 years old

What player on the Lakers is number 45?

Derrick Character is number 45 for the lakers

What famous players have worn the number 45?

Pedro Martinez of the Philadelphia Phillies (MLB) wears the number 45. Michael Jordan wore 45 during the 1994-1995 season... he later switched back to his previous number.

Joe Girardi wears number 27 as a manager What was his number when he was a catcher for the New York Yankees?

He wore Numbers 25, 45

Who is the oldest NBA player ever?

The oldest player ever to play in the NBA was Nat Hickey who played one game in the 1947-48 season when he was 45 years and 363 days old.

Who is number 45 for the cardinals?

Currently the St. Louis Cardinals do not have a player with the Uniform Number of 45 as of October 2009.

Which player wore number 45 for the New York Yankees in 2005?

Carl Pavano wore number 45 in 2005.

How Much do NBA teams cost?


Which Detroit Shock player uses jersey number 45?

Kara Braxton who is currently playing for the Detroit Shock, uses number 45 for her jersey number.

Which NFL players wear jersey number 45?

I know that Nathan Hodel Long Snapper of the New England Patriots wears it.

What NBA players wear the number 45?

Rasual Butler Steven Hunter DeJuan Blair

Why does Kyle Petty have 45 blacked out on his cap?

Kyle Petty wears the cap in honor of his late son Adam, who was killed on May 12, 2000. Adam drove the #45 car and his father filled in after his son died. He now wears a cap with a black mark across the number as a tribute to acknowledge that it was his sons number, not his.

What number does basketball player Tim Duncan wear on his jersey?


How many NBA players were born in Louisiana?


Who was the 45 pick of the NBA draft?

Justin Hamilton

How old do you have to be to retire from the nba?

45 depend on injury

What is the average age of the players in the NBA?