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The following is an excerpt from an interview did with former NFL referee Jerry Markbreit in 2004:

" There is a rules procedure set up for crowd noise when the visiting team cannot hear signals because of the noise. If, in the opinion of the referee, and after a signal from the quarterback, the noise is so loud that play cannot continue, the game is stopped and an announcement is made to the crowd in an attempt to quiet things down. After a second announcement and an appeal to the home team to assist in quieting the crowd, and if the noise does not subside, the home team is charged a timeout. The only time a 5-yard penalty would be assessed is when the home team is out of timeouts. This is a very complicated procedure, and you are correct in that it has not been used in years. The quarterbacks are experts at dealing with crowd noise and rarely, if ever, appeal to the referee. The quarterback knows that if he does not get the play off because of the disturbance, that the crowd will get louder. Consequently, quarterbacks find a way to let the game continue, regardless of the noise. "

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Q: Is there a penalty in football for too much noise?
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