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they cant even grab their hair because they are wearing helmets

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Q: Is there a penalty for grabbing a NFL football players hair?
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Is it a penalty to tackle a football player by pulling him down by his hair?

No it isn't

Are there football players with hair extensions?

Proffessionally, I don't know. But yes. I can assure you that there are football players in this world who have extensions.

Can you pull a players hair during the Football game?


What college football players have hair extensions?

andre ellington

What do football players with dreads wear on their hair under their helmets?


Can a football player be tackled by grabbing his hair?

AnswerWell, it depends if his scalp is sensitive, so pulling hair for some people can make then flinch really easy and falter in their movements I guess. Might be a penalty though. . . .AnswerNo you cant touch or grab the helment or the hair. the reason for that rule is to prevent neck injury.ANSWERThis is the correct answer: It is legal. Here is an article from USA today in 2006. and paste to confirm it.

Why do football players shave their arms?

because they need to run fater and if they hav hair on there arms it will slow them down.

Does hair style effect headers in socker?

No, hairstyles of players do not affect headers in football and that is why Fellaini, with his bushy hair, could still score for Everton and Manchester United from headers.

How many yards is penalty for tackling NFL player by the hair?

If A Person tackles someone in someone's hair then it's usual a face mask call. It probably will be 15 yard penalty if it happens. ANSWER: A player's hair is considered an extension of his uniform. So if he's tackled by his hair, there's no penalty.

What hair styels does Justin Bieber like for girls?

I think that he would like something that is not that attention grabbing.

Why are so many football helmets coming off in 2009?

Black people tend to use more wax based products in their hair or on their shaved heads and more white players are acting like black players.

Can a football defensive player grab an offense player who has the ball by the hair when they are trying to tackel them?

Yes. The only illegal tackles are the horse-collar (grabbing the jersey collar from the back), grabbing the facemask, or leading with the helmet (e.g., spearing or helmet-to-helmet contact). The NFL also disallows tackling by tripping, but this is rarely called. If a player wants to have a bunch of hair flying around outside his helmet, he does so at his own peril. It would be an unfair advantage if the defender was forced to carefully avoid the hair when trying to make a tackle.

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