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about the size of a football field

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Q: Is there a minimum size to name a boat?
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What size of boat do you need to cross the British channel over to France want to do it in a power boat?

There is no minimum size requirement.

How big a sailing boat need to be for the ocean?

There is no minimum size. Just common sense

Minimum size for master bathroom?

there is no minimum size.

What does supported minimum size mean?

Supported minimum size

What size battery does boat use?

Depends on the size of the engine in the boat.

What is the minimum maximum size of ICMP packet?

Minimum size is 36

Is the size of the boat important?

yes its important because its only the size of the boat that determines how many people could be there on it, or larger the size of the boat, larger will be the no. of people on it.

What should you name your boat?

That all depends like the size, shape, type, etc. I would name my boat Georgia in memory of my old dog. She meant everything to me... so when I would walk onto that boat I would know she is always with me. So you should name your boat for whatever you heart contents.

What is the minimum size of an Excel workbook?

The minimum size of an Excel workbook is 1 spreadsheet.

What is the minimum size of an indoor gymnasium?

what is the minimum size of an indoor gymnasium? It is pretty small.

What size boat do you need a license for?

It is not the size of the boat if you need a licence it is your age and every state has different rules so check that out. The size of the boat matters when it comes to what the boat must carry like lifevests.

How should you pass a boat?

You should pass a fishing boat with minimum wake and away from fishing lines.

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