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In 2008, $295k In 2009, $310k In 2010, $325k In 2011, $340k In 2012, $355k The NFL Players Union and the NFL owner's usually construct a new "minimum salary" deal every 4 or 5 years.

*** These numbers are accurate but are for players with zero years experience, i.e. rookies. The amounts go up with player experience, topping out at $845,000 in 2009 for players with 10 or more years experience. Also, unlike some or much of the money in the very high dollar contracts of the top players, none of this money is guaranteed. You have to play to get it.

Here's the whole chart through 2010:

Credited Seasons 2008 2009 2010

0 $295,000 $310,000 $325,000

1 $370,000 $385,000 $400,000

2 $445,000 $460,000 $475,000

3 $520,000 $535,000 $550,000

4-6 $605,000 $620,000 $635,000

7-9 $730,000 $745,000 $760,000

10+ $830,000 $845,000 $860,000

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Q: Is there a minimum salary a player can earn in the NFL?
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Lowest paid NFL player?

The NFL's minimum salary is $225,000 year. Many players earn the minimum.-----As of the start of the 2007 season, the minimum rookie salary has increased to $285,000.

Minimum salary in nfl?

The minimum salary in the NFL is $450000 for players with the one year service. It is however, $525000 for players with two years of service.

What is the salary range for an NFL player?

The Rookies The minimum salary for an NFL rookie in 2009 is $310,000. The Veterans After the first year, the minimum annual salary is $400,000. Team Salaries They were fifth in the league in total payroll with salaries totaling more than $128 million. The NFL Salary Cap In 2009 the salary cap is $127 million.

What was the nfl league minimum salary 1987?

The salary minimum for a division I NFL football team was $2,000, the salary cap was $45,000

What is the minimum salary fo an NFL practice squad player for 2008?

All NFL employees are required by contract to make at least $300,00 USD a year.

What is the average rookie NFL salary?

The minimum salary for 2010 for a rookie in the NFL is $325,000 per year.

What is the league minimum salary for 2009 NFL rookies?


What was the league minimum salary for the NFL in the 1980's?


What is the average N.F.L. salary?

The minimum salary for 2010 for a rookie in the NFL is $325,000 per year.

How many years has an NFL player played?

The minimum salary in the NFL is decided by how many years the player has played in the league. For the 2010 season, the minimum salary for rookies was $320,000. One year players minimum was $395,000, two year players minimum was $470,000, and three year players minimum was $545,000. For players that had 4-6 years in the league the minimum was $630,000. For players with 7-9 years in the league the minimum was $755,000 and for those players with 10 or more years the minimum was $855,000.

How much money would an undrafted rookie free agent earn in the NFL?

Tough question,that depends on many factors, such as the potential value and demand for the player, the salary cap, team budget, amount of time on the contract. Check out the link below from for more info.

Does a player on ir receive his salary?

how does IR for an NFL player affect his salary