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Yes there is a minimum. Im pretty sure its around $350,000

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around 12-15 bucks an hour....i could be wrong though

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Q: Is there a minimum contract size for a major league baseball player signing his first contract?
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What is the minimum length for a major league baseball contract?

One day.

Minimum salary for Major League Baseball player?

there isn't a minimum salary in the mlb. basically if the player is willing to sign a contract to play for that team for a dollar than he can go into contract for that.

What is a rugby league contract?

Contract is an agreement amongst an club signing an player to play for the club.

What is a minor league baseball players signing bonus worth?

A signing bonus can be worth anything. This is money that is given to the player when he signs the contract and does not count towards any salary cap the league would have. Minor League players generally do not have large signing bonuses unless they are top draft picks --- Tigersy2k3

What is league minimum for Major League Baseball?

For the 2014 season the minimum salary is $500,000.

What is the minimum height requirement to play on Major League Baseball?

Answered priously. No there is no minimum height requirement to play major league baseball.

How does a player get the league minimum pay in Major League Baseball?

By check.

What is the league minimum salary in Major League Baseball?

400,000 dollars

Minimum weight for baseball major league?

There is no minimum weight or height to play Major League just better be able to play well.

What company has major league baseball uniform contract?


What major league baseball team did Roger Clemens reveal his signing to on May62007?


If minor league player is called up what is he paid?

He will continue to be paid what his contract states his salary is for that year, after that year there is a league minimum that the player is required to be paid even if he is sent back to the minors. If he stays on the MLB squad for the following year, he will then qualify for the league minimum for his remaining years as a baseball player, whether he is in the minors or Big Leagues