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On clubs such as the Driver, fairway woods rescue clubs and wedges usually have their lofts on them. For irons you can get a list usually from the manufacturers website.

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Q: Is there a list of lofts for all golf clubs?
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Who makes golf girl clubs?

Almost all golf brands have girls clubs.

What does a golf clubs set include?

A golf clubs set typically includes a total of twelve clubs including three woods and a putter. A golf clubs set also includes a golf club bag to carry all of the clubs.

How much is the average price for a set of men's golf clubs?

The average price of a set of men's golf clubs depends on the brand of the golf clubs and the number of golf clubs within the set. Taking this all into consideration, the average cost of a set of golf clubs is $700.

Are Wilson prostaff golf clubs a good set of golf clubs to get?

They are indeed very good clubs. But as with all such goods it is a personal preference.

What are all the different golf clubs for?

Check the Related Links Section for a good article about different golf clubs and what they do.

What are names of each golf club for playing golf?

driver (comes in all sorts of lofts) farway wood 3, 5,or 7 hybrid 3-9 irons 1-9 wedges aw, lw, pw, sw (assorted lofts fringe putter putter max of 14 clubs per bag (you can use what ever 14 legal clubs you want i.e 14 drivers, i don't recommend it also try taylormade it is the #1 company in golf i hope you like this

What do you use to play golf?

Golf clubs, golf balls and a glove is all you really need.

What type of clubs does Cleveland Golf sell?

The types of clubs that Cleveland Golf sells happens to be the kind of golf clubs that you could usually find anywhere. They have them all over there, and you should go there!

Which golf clubs does rory mcilroy use?

He uses all Titleist clubs, and a Scotty Cameron putter.

What are words associated with golf?

There are a great many words that can be associated with golf. Golf, golf ball, clubs, golf course, and caddy are all words associated with golf.

What is the lightest golf bag that still has enough room for all of your clubs?

The Callaway Golf- XTT X-Lite Carry Stand Bag is very light and can carry all of your clubs.

What stores sell cheap golf clubs?

Walmart is one of the stores that sell cheap golf clubs. They sell all equipment that has to do with golf and at a good cheap price but with great quality products.

Do golf courses have dress codes?

Yes nearly all golf clubs do. And the more exclusive they are the stricter they are.

How far can tiger woods hit golf balls with all his golf clubs from driver to wedge?


Which companies have golf clubs for sale?

Some companies that make golf clubs include Taylor Made, Callaway, and Ping. All of the companies make their golf clubs different as well as from different metals so you might have to test them before you decide to buy.

What to use all the different golf clubs for?

See the related links section for the answer

Can you use women's golf clubs in men's high school golf?

Yes you can use women's golf clubs in men's high school tournaments. As long as they aren't switching clubs in the middle of rounds and are abiding by all of the USGA rules, then they are allowed to use any size club.

Strip clubs in port elizabeth?

give me a list of all strip clubs in port elizabeth

Do miniature golf courses have golf carts?

No. Mini golf courses do not have golf carts because they are small enough to walk around at. Also, all you are carrying is a putter so there is no need for a cart to carry all your clubs!

Where can one find reviews of golf clubs?

Golf Link, About Golf, Golf Tips, Golf Club Finder, and Golf Digest are all reputable sites that offer reviews on all things golf including golf club and courses.

What types of sporting goods stores sell golf clubs specifically for women?

Women's golf clubs can be found at most sporting good stores. For example, Dicks Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, and Cabela's all offer clubs designed for women.

Where are Nike golf factories?

Portland, Oregon is where Nike originated but Nike golf clothes, clubs, shoes are manufactured all over the world.

What kinds of golf products does Callaway manufacture?

Callaway manufactures all of the products that a golfer would need for both men and women: golf clubs, golf balls, golf apparel, golf footwear, gold accessories

What is the SeeMore Golf company all about?

The See More company is a golf company that sells many different types of products that all have to do with or can be used to play golf. They sell clubs and balls among other things.

Finding The Best Golf Clubs?

Golfing For RelaxationEven during times of economic fluctuation, people need recreation. Golf is a great way to kick back and relax. In recent years, the sport has achieved new heights of popularity. Historically, people thought of golf as a game for wealthy people. This perception was based on the fact that golf clubs were quite expensive. Today, most ordinary, working class people can afford to purchase golf clubs. Consumers who conduct serious online research will find numerous golf club discounts. When shopping for golf clubs online, it's important to read a wide range of consumer reviews and viewpoints. While not all reviews are perfectly reliable, readers can learn a lot by reading several golf club reviews in succession.Golf Club Buying TipsWhile some golf enthusiasts specialize in collecting rare clubs, most golf club purchases are strictly utilitarian. Golfers should make sure that all purchased golf clubs are highly durable. Flimsy, poorly designed golf clubs are apt to become warped after just a few uses. Warped clubs are virtually useless for golfers who wish to play competitively. Consumers who shop wisely can purchase affordable clubs that will serve reliably for thousands of games. In order to involve the whole family, individuals may want to purchase small practice golf clubs for kids. While many golf clubs are made from artificial materials, serious golf enthusiasts generally prefer wooden clubs. To prevent deterioration, it's important to keep wooden golf clubs in a cool, dry area.Even individuals who can rarely afford to visit golf courses can benefit from purchasing golf clubs. Once the new clubs arrive, it's time to start learning how to handle them. New golfers can learn a lot from online informational videos. Golfers can get the most use out of their golf clubs by purchasing portable putting greens. Some golfing websites offer handy starter packages with clubs, balls and putting greens. While not all of these packages are ideal, the best of them are quite promising for beginning golfers.