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for a list of everyone professional fight Muhammad Ali has ever fought, go here:

it gives you the dates, name of the opponent, whether he won or lost, how many rounds, where the fight took place, etc.

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Q: Is there a list of fighters that Ali fought?
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Are there any Muslim fighters?

When you say fighters do you mean like Boxers? If so, Mohammad Ali is Muslim.

What do the crusaders do?

The crusades were vicious fighters who fought for Jerusalem and fought and fought and stuff and jiggly puff and i won

Was Muhammad Ali a south paw?

no, ali was right handed, and fought as such.

List of freedom fighters of maharashtra?

name of freedom fighters of maharashtra?

What is king of fighters wing 1.3 skill list?

king of fighters wing 1.3 skill list is the skill list of the players in which they power up.

Which fighters went the distance boxing against Muhammad Ali?

joe bugner

What was the under card when Muhammad Ali fought at the Royal Albert Hall?

ali never fought at the royal albert hall. he fought at earls court, arsenal soccer stadum, and wembley stadium.

Was Angelo Dundee Ali's only trainer?

When Ali fought Larry Holmes Angelo was not his trainer

What did the crusades do?

The crusades were vicious fighters who fought for Jerusalem and fought and fought and stuff and jiggly puff and i won

Who would win in a Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali computer simulation?

This question is asked so often that any answer will be debated. While it is true that Trevor Berbick fought both men (beating Ali and losing to Tyson), he fought a declining Ali and a rising Tyson. Tyson was a powerful puncher, but even that was not enough against Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis a decade later. Matching Tyson and Ali in their prime would find Tyson the underdog. In at least two widely-viewed simulations, Ali outfought Tyson to score knockouts or TKOs. Ali was a much taller man with a 9-inch reach advantage on Tyson. Ali's speed was unmatched from anyone Tyson fought, however Ali fought many fighters who hit harder than Tyson (including Earnie Shavers who has been called the hardest hitting boxer of all time winning 68 of his 74 wins by knockout). To give you an idea of how hard a hit Ali could take, Ken Norton had broken Ali's jaw and Ali STILL won the fight. Tyson just did not have the heart Ali had either. Tyson was known for throwing in the towel in the Mcbride fight, while Ali fought much longer than he had any business to because he couldn't stand to give up. In the 1981 fight Ali had fought Trevor Berbick and it was obvious his disease and age had finally caught up with him. He was a shell of a former champ, one that floated like a log and stung like a moth. Ali admitted father time won and finally quit, but it took over twenty years. The Boxing World doesn't title him "The Greatest of all Time" for no reason.

Who fought Mohammed Ali in the thriller in manila?

Joe Frazier

Who is Imam Mavia?

mavia is a leader of muslims. who fought with Mola ALi a.s sevral times. he is the anemy of Ali .as . he does not like Ali a.s as a khalifa.