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Q: Is there a left handed field hockey stick?
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Can you get a left handed Field Hockey stick?

Yes you can get Left Handed Field Hockey Stick,however... unfortunately due to the rules and regulations of The International Field Hockey Federation it would be illegal to play with it at present.

Why can't you play hockey left handed?

It is possible to play hockey left-handed. The hockey stick can be used both ways, left and right handed.

Can you turn a left handed one piece hockey stick into a right handed stick?

All hockey sticks are right handed.

Where in South Africa can you get a left handed hockey stick?

If your meaning field hockey, no such thing. All field hockey is *right handed*, yet all the controll and power is from your left hand. So left handers have an unseen advantage with the extra strength their left arms have.

If your left hand is the lower hand on an ice hockey stick is the stick considered to be left or right handed?

It is left-handed.

Is there a thing such as a left-handed hockey stick?


Is there a left handed hockeystick?

a hockey stick can alternate right and left hands.

What kind of ice hockey stick does one use if they are left handed?

If one is left handed they would just use a regular hockey stick. They are all made to be to be ambidextrous so that right and left handed people can use them easily.

Which hand is on the top part of the stick for field hockey?

The left hand is on the top part of the stick for field hockey.

Which game is played right handed also if you are left handed?

TennisIn FIELD HOCKEY, you must play the ball with the flat side of the stick, predominantly out to the right side of your body. Therefore, whether left or right handed, you must hold the stick with a right handed grip.

Is it legal to use a left handed field hockey stick at the high school level?

There is no such thing as a lefty stick. In fact lucky for you if you're a lefty playing field hockey because your power hand gets all the power

Where can you get left handed field hockey sticks from?

A company called Dita sold them for a short time. They are now exceedingly rare because of their pointlessness; a stick with its flat face on the right (a left-handed stick) is not permitted at any level.

You are buying a hockey stick online It says that the curve is to the left Does this mean the stick is left or right-handed?

this is a very easy one it would mean that the stick right handed

In what sport are competitors forbidden to play with there left handed?

Field hockey and Polo do not allow left handed play.

Where can you obtain a lefthanded field hockey stick?

Manufacturers do not make left-handed field hockey sticks because there is zero demand for them: they are illegal according to the rules and regulations of the sport for traditional and safety reasons.

Are left handed field hockey sticks sold?

Sorry to disappoint you but no, there isn't. But please, don't be discouraged! Out of my six years of playing field hockey , I have had two friends who play but they are left handed.

How can you play field hockey left-handed as there are no legal left-handed sticks?

There are a lot of left-handed players in the world including internationals who play with regulation hockey sticks. With a little practice and getting used to the skills you will find that a lot of the skill involved in field hockey uses the left hand more than the right in hockey. For example, the Indian dribble uses the left hand to turn the sticks face from left to right when dribbling. When controling the ball you will find that much of the work is done by the left hand at the top of the stick, and the right hand is really just for support and stabilising the stick.

Is there a sport left handers can't play?

If you play hockey then you are forced to play with a right handed stick

What are five sports that you cannot play left handed?

There are no sports that require play on the right-hand side or that a player is right-handed. A common misconception is that field hockey is one such sport; it only requires use of a right-handed stick, where play can and often is made on the left of the body.

Can you play left handed in hockey?

yeah. you can play hockey left handed if you can't play with your right hand...

Why are left handed field hockey sticks against the rules?

Left-handed sticks are illegal because they create too much danger when combined with right-handed sticks. Since right-handed sticks are the dominant tradition, they are used instead of left-handed ones. A player with a left-hand stick tackling a player with a right-hand stick has a high chance of running into the player themselves, and vice versa; in the same situation, a player trying to tackle someone who has an opposite-handed stick is very likely to get hit by the followthrough swing if they decide to hit.

Is there an advantage to being a left handed hockey player?

Left handed hockey players may find it easier to control the ball on the off side, but this is not always the case. Some left handed hockey players still have difficulty on the left side playing hockey.

How do you hold a floorball stick?

You hold a floorball stick much like a hockey stick but insted of putting your together they are more apart (about 40cm).In floorball it's OK to play one-handed, so right-handed players should ideally use their right hand to hold the top of the stick for maximum control when they playone-handed. However if you play Field Hockey or if you are left-handed then it'sOK to keep your left hand at the top of the handle. Either way is legal.If the player holds the top of the stick in their right hand then a 'left' stick is required (because the players forehand shot will be on the left side of their feet) and vice verse. Sorry if this is confusing but it's which side is your forehand/blade is on which decides the type of stick.

Can hockey be played with left handed sticks?

No. Left-handed sticks are by definition against the rules.

Why does field hockey cater only for right handed players?

Although the stick is designed for right-handed people, there are some skills which left-handers find easier. The game was originally played this way because more of the players were right-handed, and it has continued as such because having combination of left- and right-handed sticks is a serious safety issue; this (danger) is the first thing FIH tries to avoid, and so the rules require a stick made the right-handed way.