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yea you can goto ure local Bowling alley and their it is

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Q: Is there a leagues in bowling?
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Can a person with scoliosis go bowling?

Anyone can go bowling. It is a sport that is open to all ages and physical abilities. Most centres have a range of leagues that include bumper bowling leagues for kids, disability leagues, oldies leagues, beginners leagues, competitive leagues and fun leagues

Is there bowling practice for all ages?

Yes, bowling centers usually have junior leagues for kids on saturdays. Or many senior leagues available also.

Is there a Minor league in Bowling?

yes there are minor leagues.

When does the ten pin bowling season start?

Usually bowling season for leagues starts at the end of Septembeb.

What does off peak mean in bowling?

In bowling, off peak typically refers to the bowling season no longer being active. Peak season is when the bowling season is active and leagues are playing.

How is the bowling handicap determined?

Most leagues work out the bowling handicap based on 200. If your average is 148 for example, then your handicap would be 52. Some leagues use other methods, but this is the most common

Who make the rules for non sanctioned bowling leagues?

The league rules committee.

What group or people play bowling the most today?

There are many groups of people who play bowling the most today. Most leagues choose to play the most bowling.

Blind team in bowling?

Bowling leagues like to have an even number of teams. If a league is short one team, then a "blind team" is added to make an even number of teams. Different leagues have different rules on how to handle the scores for the team bowling against the blind team.

When does bowling season end?

It seems there is no end. Leagues are available year around. Leagues last anywhere from 12 weeks to 32 weeks.

Where can you purchase a new bowling pin?

1) On eBay, or a similar auction site.2) Many bowling centers will sell you a new bowling pin. Expect to pay around $20-$25.3) Some leagues, known colloquially as Hav-a-Ball leagues, can provide you with a themed bowling pin (usually in lieu of a similarly-themed bowling ball) as part of the cost of participation.

Bowling Handicap calculator for all averages?

Your bowling handicap depends on what league you're in. My handicap went from a 12 to a 33 when I switched leagues.

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