Is there a gay football player?

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Yes, Bret farve

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Q: Is there a gay football player?
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Is Samuel etto gay?

no way his a greet football player

What kind of shoes does of a football player wear?

kleets. And Justin Beiber is gay

Is there a professional athlete with the last name gay?

Yes, there is basketball player Rudy Gay (Memphis Grizzlies) and a football player (New Orleans Saints) named Randal Gay. Tyson Gay is also a sprinter I believe.

Is it a football player that's gay?

There are:http:/,_gay,_bisexual,_and_transgender_sportspeoplebut it's difficult for a great career football player to openly confirm that he is gay so they may keep their secret for ever.

Is penn state football player jed hill gay?

no he is not gay; Jed is totally straight; but has many gay fans and friends; he supports gay causes; but gossip about him dating a transsexual are false.

Is the Brazilian football player Nilmar gay?

Simply put, yes. He goes with my high school teacher.

Was Walter Payton gay?

Walter "Sweetness" Payton, the American football player, was married and had two children. I think it's fairly safe to assume he was not gay.

What is the functoin of a football?

to be gay

Who is a retired gay nfl football player?

Dave Kopay of Washington Redskins and other teams came out in a book.

Do gay men watch football?

Yes, gay men and women watch as well as play football. Sydney Rangers FC is a gay football club in Sydney, and The Flying Bats Women's Football Club in Sydney is the biggest lesbian football club in the world.

Are the football team saints gay?


How many footballers are gay?

there may be many but the only footballer to ever "come out" is Justin Fashanu he player professional football for england

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